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Happy Birthday Prajakta Gaikwad! Celebrating The Many Moods Of The Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji Actress

Kedar Koli

October 6, 2020

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We celebrate the multi-talented actress’ birthday by looking at the pictures which best describe her expressive self.

Prajakta Gaikwad managed to slay in her role of the Maratha queen Yesubai in the period drama Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, a show based on the life of Chatrapati Sambhaji and his exploits. Despite Sambhaji being a central character, Yesubai stole the show with her display of power, compassion, and affection. Prajakta became a favourite soon after the show began and reserved a permanent place in everyone’s hearts as Yesubai. Prajakta celebrates her birthday today and we couldn’t be more excited! The queen deserves a grand celebration and so, we decided to go through the many moods of the actress on her birthday.

Watch her in an episode from the show here.

Me-time is the best time!

Prajakta likes being amidst nature whenever she gets time off her crunching shooting schedule. This much-needed break works wonders on the actress and calms her down from the inside. This picture is proof of how being one with nature helps her reconnect with her lively spirit.

The ray of hope

Yesubai had to go through some tough times especially after Sambhaji’s capture by Aurangzeb. The Maratha queen had to look after the kingdom singlehandedly while things were falling apart. Maratha soldiers changed their loyalties but Yesubai managed to live through it. Prajakta performed the part with the same intensity as that of Yesubai and impressed us with her acting skills.

The badass queen

Performing Yesubai was a responsibility which Prajakta shouldered with utmost ease. She prepped hard, worked on her lines, and changed her look to match the queen’s persona and what not! The role also required the actress to be fierce in warfare. Prajakta took up the challenge and trained in the gym to increase her core strength which she used to her advantage while playing Yesubai.

Letting the emotions take over! 

The actress established a connect with her fans who loved seeing her emotional side on-screen. Like Yesubai, Prajakta is compassionate in real life too. The actress likes to keep it raw and doesn’t mind letting the emotions take over. Here’s an adorable picture of Prajakta in a sombre mood.

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बोलिली लेकुरे वेडी वाकुडी उत्तरे | करा क्षमा अपराध महाराज तुम्ही सिध्द || नाही विचारिला अधिकार म्यां आपुला | तुका म्हणे ज्ञानेश्वरा राखा पायांपे किंकरा || करा क्षमा अपराध महाराज तुम्ही सिध्द || . दर वर्षी प्रमाणे या वर्षी देखील माऊलींच्या पादुकांवर डोकं ठेवण्यासाठी उत्सुक होते… पण shooting मुळे ते या वर्षी शक्य होत नाही…. 😭😭… मनातून खूप इच्छा आहे पण..😔… आता इथूनच नमस्कार 🙏🚩🙏🚩 बोला पुंडलिक वरदे हरी विठ्ठल श्री ज्ञानदेव तुकाराम पंढरीनाथ महाराज कि जय!!!!!!!

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Dancing it out

Many have overlooked the fact that Prajakta is a skilled dancer apart from being a talented actress in the industry. She is fond of dancing and doesn’t miss a chance to shake a leg on stage. Check out the picture below in which the actress is seen flaunting her moves.

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Dancing is a perpendicular expressions of horizontal desire. 💃🤘😘 . . #clgdiaries📖🔖💃😍 #gppian #gppstudent #dancechallenge #computerengineeringstudent #annualdayscenes💃 #throwtogpp #lovetodance❤️ @utkarsha_deshmukhm @kaustubhofficial @shweta39_d @roh_deshmukh20 @__31_05_suraj__ @ram_nasikkar @gunu_h.h @ryderbleamfly0610 @vaishnavi_wangane_ @pratiksha_dhole @nimbalkar.shivani @shreya.mangade @1kaustubhkakade @akashkamble6226 @vivek_patil11 @pradnyaogale @vaibhavpale @pooja_26_kudale @komal_bhosale_21 @janhavipandare123 @its_me_yoga @yogeshkhanse @priyankashinde1910 @____b__mcc__11____ @mebhushanjoshi @pranjalikulkarni1598 @aye_simi @97kjl @chinmayee8 @_____vickyraskar_____ @i_m_ketan_012 @fitness_freak_66 @gpp_katta @gpp_confessions @__being__gpp__ @gpp_cha_rada @gpp_fan_club_ @leena_wani

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A kind soul

The actress acquired another skill that she can boast of. Since her entry on the show was on a horse, Prajakta learnt horse riding and mastered it within months. The actress gave us a glimpse of her compassion by treating the horse like her own pet.

Focused on her goals

Prajakta was pursuing her education in Computer Engineering while simultaneously shooting for the show. However, the actress didn’t lose her focus and kept on with her studies even while being on the sets. Hats off to her dedication!

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खूप लोक विचारतात… तुम्ही आता कशाला शिक्षण घेता… मग अभ्यासाला वेळ कसा काढता… माझं उत्तर कायम असच असतं… अभ्यास करणं मला आवडतं… मग तो अभ्यास कोणत्याही क्षेत्रातला असेल शिक्षण, अभिनय, किंवा नृत्य.. आणि वेळ म्हणाल तर "आवड असेल तर सवड आपोआप मिळते." #freetimeinshoot #study #computer #computerengineering #computerengg #programming #prgrams #inputoutputs #prajaktagaikwad #actress #hardwork #😉

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The expression of love

Prajakta had a wonderful on-screen chemistry with her co-star Amol Kolhe who played Sambhaji on the show. We couldn’t get enough of their scenes together as the actress was always on-point in her expression of love. Prajakta made the show a joy to watch and no one can deny that! Right, guys?

Happy birthday to the brave queen of the Marathas! May you keep ruling our hearts forever!

Catch all the episodes of Swarajyarakshak Sambhaji, exclusively on ZEE5 now.

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