Hackers Attack Leading US Cybersecurity Company FireEye, Leave People In Splits

A leading cyber company recently faced a cyber attack from a bunch of notorious hackers. Have a look at how the company has been dealing with the crisis and how it has affected the system.

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December 10, 2020

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In a recent turn of amusing events, a leading cybersecurity firm in the United States of America recently became the victim to cyber hacking. A top-end security company named FireEye was targeted by the hackers as they wanted to steal a few asysmate system tools from the company. These tools were being handled by the red team which hold high significance in the company. An official from FireEye assured that these tools have not been used by the hackers so far but it does put the company and their clients in a tricky spot. The company has been investigating the issue by collaborating with FBI and a leading company.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with all details related to the recent hacking:

A leading cybersecurity company in the USA recently became the butt of jokes after their system was hacked illegally by a bunch of unknown people. FireEye is a top-notch cybersecurity company that works with the government and various corporate companies placed in different parts of the country. The company FireEye released a statement regarding the recent setback and what exactly went down on the system part.

They stated that the hackers targeted the asysmate system tools and decided to steal them for unknown purposes. Through this system, the company tested the security strength of its customers and provided a detailed analysis of the findings.

According to the CEO of FireEye, Kevin Mandia, this cyber-attack is vividly different from all the attacks that the company has witnessed in the past year. The FireEye company has a red team which effectively carries a bunch of powerful virtual tools. The tools have been stolen from one of the red team groups that work on customer networks. These tools are used to list out the drawbacks of different systems by hacking into the networks of US citizens.

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FireEye CEO also made it clear that the tools have not yet been used by hackers in any way, which is a small relief for the people. The cybersecurity company has been dealing with the case by collaborating with the FBI and Microsoft. The incident has left quite a few people amused as the company was defeated in their own profession.

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