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Geet Dholi 15 August 2022 Upcoming Story: Simone takes away Malhar’s sim card


August 18, 2022

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Malhar takes the advantage of his social media reach and asks his followers to send in leads about Geet. An intimidated Simone takes away Malhar’s sim card. What will Malhar do moving forward?

In the next episode, after Simone realises that Malhar has been taking to social media to look for Geet, Simone plans to thwart Malhar’s quest for Geet by taking away his sim card.

In the last episode of Geet Dholi, Malhar spits Dr Ahuja’s pill out and jumps out of his bedroom window taking advantage of Simone’s confidence. The HOD, Dr Kumar, at Dr Ahuja’s hospital shares his plan for celebrating his hospital’s foundation day. Dr Prerna suggests Geet play the dhol during the celebration and a worried Dr Ahuja reaches out to Simone. Dr Ahuja tells Simone about Geet probable involvement in their hospital’s foundation day. Simone berates Dr Ahuja and urges her to keep Geet bound to a room. Simone asks Dr Ahuja to break Geet’s hand once again on learning about her recovery. Dr Ahuja promises to break Geet’s hand in a bid to keep her from performing at the event. Meanwhile, Dr Prerna tells Dr Kumar about Geet’s talent as well as her involvement in the Rhythm Competition. Dr Ahuja interrupts as Geet gives testimony of her sane mental state.

Dr Ahuja tells Dr Kumar that Geet is mentally unwell and contests Dr Prerna’s claims. Dr Kumar insists Geet play the dhol and the latter plays the dhol. However, Geet gives into the effect of Dr Ahuja’s sedatives and loses consciousness. In the interim, Malhar looks for Geet and posts a live stream making an appeal for Geet’s return. Malhar request leads about Geet’s whereabouts. Dr Prerna wakes Geet up and shows her Malhar’s live stream. Geet realises that Malhar still loves her and has been looking for her relentlessly but feels helpless. Dr Prerna tells Geet that she would show the stream to Dr Kumar and expose the vile intentions behind Geet being admitted to the mental hospital. A new ray of hope lights up Geet world and she starts anticipating a reunion with Malhar. Away, Jasleen comes across Malhar’s live stream and sparks an argument with JK over it.

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