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Geet Dholi 01 July 2022 Written Update: Simone spikes Malhar’s lemonade


July 4, 2022

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Malhar tries to keep Geet in the dark about Sanjay’s sudden departure and tries to help Sudha Rani. However, Simone spikes Malhar’s lemonade in a bid to spend the night with him. Will Simone succeed?

In the previous episode of Geet Dholi, Malhar comforts Geet with a bouquet and spends a romantic evening with Geet. A shy Geet covers her face as Malhar tries to kiss her. Soon, Malhar makes love to Geet as Simone watches and pledges to replace Geet. The next day, Kammo accuses Ginny of not handing over the envelope to JK. Ginny justifies her actions and Simone defends Ginny’s actions. Simone offers a sandwich prepared by her and Ginny criticises her sandwich. Jasleen calls out Simone’s questionable culinary skills and Kammo tries to defend Simone’s actions. Kammo misbehaves with Jasleen and promises to break the Mehra House. JK overhears Kammo’s claims and intervenes. Just then, Geet arrives and reminds Kammo about the promise she made to Geet in front of JK.

In the next episode of Geet Dholi, Bhushan and Sanjay insist on indulging in alcohol in Geet’s parental house. They upset Sudha Rani and Pinky with their actions. Pinky loses her cool and asks Sanjay to leave immediately. Sanjay complies and Sudha Rani blames Pinky for ruining her own life. Sudha Rani calls Geet to alert her about Sanjay’s departure but Malhar receives the call. Malhar learns about what transpired and refuses to involve Geet as the latter practices for the Rhythm competition. Malhar comforts Sudha Rani and rushes to Geet’s parental home to take stock of the situation. However, Simone notices Malhar and follows him to Geet’s village. Sudha Rani accuses Pinky of ousting Sanjay without a second thought and Malhar tries to comfort Sudha Rani.

Sudha Rani tells Malhar about Pinky’s criticism and slaps her for ousting Sanjay in front of Malhar. However, Malhar continues to comfort Sudha Rani and promises to bring Sanjay back to Pinky. Simone discreetly watches as Malhar expresses his intention to bring Sanjay back for the sake of Geet’s continued attention towards the competition. Malhar declines having dinner and Sudha Rani offers to prepare lemonade for Malhar. Simone envies Malhar’s feelings for Geet and reaches out to Bhushan. Simone asks Bhushan to give her a drug. Bhushan offers a vial of drug to Simone without questions and the latter spikes Malhar’s lemonade discreetly. Soon, Malhar loses consciousness and Simone gets hold of him. The next day, Geet enquires about Malhar after waking up and Jasleen comforts Geet.

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