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From Gautami Deshpande to Prarthana Behere; Check Out #Tuesdaythoughts From Your Favourite Celebs

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November 24, 2020

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We all need some new insights on life, here are a few #tuesdaythoughts from Marathi TV stars’ IG for you to ponder over!

The stars of the Marathi TV industry sure know how to keep their audience entertained with their gripping shows and interesting characters. Moreover, their social media provides an insight into their off-screen lives that further keeps us hooked. While we love the fun and entertaining content they post, sometimes their posts really make us think about various aspects of life. On that note, here are some #Tuesdaythoughts from their Instagram that are sure to make you ponder

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1. Prajakta Mali

The Marathi TV star recently took to Instagram to post a picture of herself in a stunning black dress and captioned it saying “Ranjish hi sahi dil hi dukhane ke liye aa, aa phir se mujhe chod ke jaane ke liye aa” (come, even if you’re angry, wish to break my heart, or will leave again, please come). Does it not make you think of true love?

She also posted another picture of herself with a thoughtful caption. She said akaal mrutyu vo mare jo kaam kare chandaal ka, kaal uska kya bigaade bhakt jo mahakal ka, it means we must do good deeds to avoid untimely death and that we must not fear time if we have faith in god. Prajakta mali’s Instagram is indeed full of important thoughts.

2. Gautami Deshpande

Gautami Deshpande posted a picture of herself in a beautiful baby pink lehenga where she can be seen smiling ear to ear. The caption of this picture says “Shab-e-intezaar aakhir kabhi hogi mukhtasar bhi, yeh chiraag bhuj rahe hai Mere saath jalte jalte” (That night of waiting will afterall shorten soon, these lamps are dying as they burn alongside me). This post on Gautami Deshpande’s Instagram makes us think of how it must feel while waiting for loved ones.

3. Amey Wagh

On Amey Wagh’s Instagram, there is a black and white picture of Amey with the caption “ekhadi gosht sopi karun sangna itki avgadh gosht ya jagat nahi” (simplifying something is the most difficult thing in the world). Is it not ironic that making something simpler to understand is rather a difficult thing to do?

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4. Prarthana Behere

“My story : A sky full of stars and he was staring at her” is the caption of a picture posted by Prarthana Behere on her Instagram. In the photo, she can be seen intently wondering with a candid expression. This beautiful caption reminds us that from the eyes of those who love us, even the beauty of stars seems less.

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