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Former Bollywood Actress Somy Ali Spills The Beans On Being A Victim Of Domestic Violence; Confessed Salman Khan Abused Her Physically


November 15, 2021

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In her recent interview, the former Bollywood actress who now is a philanthropist running her own NGO named No More Tears and is settled in Miami, Somy Ali talks about being subjected to domestic violence by Salman Khan and spills beans on many things. Read on to know more

Speaking about her Bollywood career and lots more, in a recently conducted digital chat interview off late, Somy Ali gave an insight into her life as a former Bollywood actress and lots many things as well.

We all know how the former Bollywood actress Somy Ali who has been part of noteworthy films such as Chupp, Mafia, and Teesra Kaun and after an eight years stint in the showbiz world she permanently quit Bollywood in the year 1999 and opened up her own NGO named No More Tears and is permanently settled in Miami.

In her recent interview, when asked about how her relationship was like with ex-boyfriend Salman Khan, and on this Somy Ali said that during her career as a Bollywood actress, it will sound very funny but she came down to India at the age of sixteen years with the purpose of getting married to Salman Khan and later on became an actress and also went into a relationship with him and it sounds really absurd now but she had a crush on Salman just like Katie Holmes had on Tom Cruise.

She also mentioned how she was one of the few individuals who went to India with the aim of marrying Salman and also ended up dating him.

Highlighting the nature of their relationship she said that it was very abusive more so like both verbally and physically abusive but she had grown up at sixteen thinking that her mom was abused as well and there came a big point in our rocky relationship wherein Salman literally told Somy Ali that he doesn’t really hit the neighbors but her as he really loves her a lot and he cared. Salman clarified his domestic violence to her saying that he hit her as he wanted her to do what is right and she was really a naive child back then who thought that whatever Salman told is true and real as he can never be wrong as he is the person she grew up with.

Also applauding Aishwarya Rai’s decision of filing an FIR against Salman Khan back then, Somy Ali also stated hats off and kudos to Aishwarya Rai as she is the only woman that actually went out and filed an FIR against Salman Khan’s domestic violence while she still was in that relationship with him. She was the only one who gathered the guts and courage to go out and file a police complaint and also added how she really salutes Aishwarya Rai for her courage and also respects and commends her for taking that step.

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