Flood Situations In Gujarat And Other States Worsen After 48 Hours of Incessant Rainfall

Videos coming from many parts of India show horrific scenes unfolding amidst the rains.

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July 7, 2020

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The states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Uttarakhand and Madhya Pradesh have been experiencing ceaseless rainfall since the weekend. People, as well as animals, are bearing the brunt of the continuous rainfall that is wreaking havoc in the surrounding areas. Videos coming in from some of these locations show dreadful scenes from parts of the states that have developed flood-like situations.

In Rajkot, a video shows that the water levels in the city have risen high enough for the cars to be drowning underneath. Junagadh is another part of the state that is also affected. A newly built bridge in the district completely collapsed yesterday due to the heavy flow of water. In Mandala, Madhya Pradesh, canals were seen overflowing with water, while a video from Uttarakhand shows how an old person was rescued from the floodwaters. On the other hand, in Uttarkashi, cattle had to be rescued using ropes.

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