European Union Threatens To Halt Vaccine Export To United Kingdom

European Union has said that it might halt the supply of vaccine to Britain as they have not fulfilled their side of the deal.

Debanjali Kabiraj

March 18, 2021

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The European Union has threatened to halt the export of the Covid-19 vaccine to the United Kingdom. European Union’s Chief Ursula Von Der Leyan has said that they are ready to take exceptional steps to halt the shipping of the Covid-19 vaccine to Britain until and unless the country starts sending shots from their country.

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Von Der Leyan said that the European Union wants reliable deliveries of the vaccine, an increase in the contract and proportionality in exports. She also said that the European Union is ready to use every tool that is needed for the proper distribution of the vaccine. She also said the European Union is thinking of taking these steps to make sure that all European countries get their fair share.

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In reply to the European Union’s threatening, the British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has accused the European Union of practising brinkmanship. Raab said that “it also cuts across the direct assurances that we had from the commission.” He also said that he has been informed that there were no plans to lawfully restrict the supply of the vaccine.

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Uniked Kingdom has said that people under 50 will have to wait for another month in order to receive their Covid 19 shots. The European Union has also said that the vaccine company AstraZeneca was responsible for delaying Europe’s vaccine campaign. Von Der Leyan has said that AstraZeneca had previously promised to deliver 90 million doses of vaccine within 3 months of 2021 but later they have said the supply can only be 40 million. The 40 million range has further been decreased to 30 million. The use of AstraZeneca has been restricted by many countries due to cases of blood clot in recipients.

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