COVID-19 News: Scientific Experts Discuss The New Coronavirus Strain Found In Europe

The new Coronavirus strain is wreaking havoc all over the world. Here’s taking a look at what the scientific experts have to say about the new strain and its transmission.

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December 22, 2020

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The new Coronavirus strain is rising rapidly and is wreaking havoc across the world. The mutant strain is currently active in the parts of southern England. The new strain also appears to be much more contagious than the existing types of Coronavirus. However, it does not seem to be causing more severe symptoms. People all over the world are currently confused and curious about the new strain of the virus and its effects. For all the people who are wondering about the new strain and what it means for the world in the upcoming future, here is taking a look at what the scientific experts have to say about it.

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Sir Mark Walport, Former Chief Scientific Advisor of UK talked about the new virus strain and the effects of the existing vaccine on the strain. He said, “The new virus strain is more transmissible. As far as we know at this stage, the vaccine should still work against it. But it is a difficult time.” Senior Clinical Lecturer at Exeter University, Dr Bharat Pankhania talked about the mutation and the infectious nature of the new strain.

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He mentioned, “We don’t know for 100 per cent that it is more infectious. We do know that the spike protein has mutated. Therefore it looks like a predominant strain and therefore the conjuncture is it might be more infectious. My view would be maybe, but the other important bit is we have had a lot of human to human interactions as well.” The current Chief Scientific advisor of UK, Sir Patrick Vallance said, “This new variant not only moves fast, but it is also increased in terms of its ability to transmit. It is becoming the dominant variant. It is beating all the others in terms of transmission. So this virus transmits and spreads fast.”

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Various countries have been taking the necessary steps to restrict the new strain from getting transmitted to their countries. Various European countries like Belgium and Germany are imposing bans on all the incoming flights from the UK and South Africa. This is done in order to make sure that the new strain does not reach their countries. India has also imposed several restrictions on flights coming from the UK.

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