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Chembarathi: Fed up with Akhilandeshwari’s rule, will Aravind really leave Trichambarath?

Shrudi Shyam

April 30, 2021

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Akhilandeshwari’s ego has already led Anand to leave the house, and now it seems like Aravind might leave Trichambarath too.

Chembarathi saw some major twists and turns in the past few episodes. After hiding their love and relationship for a long time, Anand and Kalyani’s marriage secret is out in the open. Even Ganga’s truth was brought out in front of Akhilandeshwari. While we finally thought things might get better, looks like it is only about to get worse. Instigated and hurt by Akhilandeshwari’s behaviour, Anand is about to leave Trichambarath with Kalyani, and now we think even Aravind might leave soon.

Meanwhile, check out what’s happening on Chembarathi right here:

An agitated Anand is ready to leave Trichambarath with Kalyani. Despite multiple requests from Krishnan, nothing could stop him this time. However, he was forced to take this decision, driven by anger and humiliation, which was all thanks to Akhilandeshwari and her recent behaviour.

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In the recent promo, we also saw Aravind talking about leaving Trichambarath. He was clearly showing a mirror to Akhilandeshwari, pointing out every flaw in her. Although Akhilandeshwari isn’t really the villain of the story, she sure is acting like one. And Aravind is seen speaking about it fearlessly. He talks about how she doesn’t want her sons but just people who would abide by her orders, which is exactly what has been happening in Trichambarath for a long time.

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Moreover, Aravind loves his brother Anand more than anyone. We saw how upset he got when Anand first talked about leaving Trichambarath. Even back then, he spoke about leaving the house with Anand and staying with him.

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The last time Anand decided to leave, Krishnan and Aravind had given it their best to make sure that he doesn’t leave Trichamarath. Krishnan even went to the extent of talking about his death and last rights. Knowing that all their efforts were gone to waste because of Akhila’s ego would surely irk Aravind, forcing him to take this drastic step.

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Meanwhile, Akhilandeshwari is constantly snapping at anyone and everyone. Recently we had seen how upset Aravind got when she snapped at Nandana. Hence, if Akhilandeshwari loses her cool once again, it won’t be a surprise if he leaves the house with Nandana.

A still from Chembarathi
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