Chembarathi: Akhilandeshwari needs to let go of her ego before she ends up losing everything

Akhilandeshwari has already lost Anand and now might lose everyone that matters if she doesn’t let go off her ego.

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May 1, 2021


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Akhilandeshwari is a strong matriarch who leads the storyline of Chembarathi. She has always kept her family values and the pride of Trichambarath above anything and anybody else. While we have enjoyed watching her pride take a hit every now and then, especially at the hands of Anand or Kalyani, what’s happening currently is way serious. Anand has left Trichambarath with Kalyani, and Aravind was on the verge of leaving too. This time if Akhilandeshwari doesn’t let her ego go, she might end up losing a lot more than just her pride.

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Akhilandeshwari has started losing the love and support of her own people. Krishnan, who always stood by her side is also starting to get agitated by her current behaviour. In a recent episode, Akhilandeshwari threw the plate of food away on seeing Kalyani sitting with her at the dining table. This not only upset Anand but also irked Krishnan, which then ensued into a heated argument between Krishnan and Akhilandeshwari.

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Moreover, when Krishnan and Aravind had somehow convinced Anand to stay back at Trichambarath, Akhilandeshwari’s constant humiliation and belittling of Kalyani led to Anand leaving Trichambarath for good. While Akhilandeshwari was already enraged about Anand and Kalyani’s marriage, her current outrage was fuelled by Vilasini poisoning her mind. She had many opportunities to fix her worsening situation with Anand, but instead, she held on to her pride which resulted in Akhilandeshwari losing her dearest son.

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Meanwhile, Vilasini and Priyanka’s team-up seems to be getting more and more dangerous with every passing day. Priyanka’s hatred for Akhilandeshwari combined with Vilasini’s greed for her property has made them a dangerous duo. While Priyanka is playing her games from outside, Vilasini is cunningly plotting her way towards being the matriarch of Trichambarath by replacing Akhilandeshwari. And now that Akhilandeshwari is all alone with her own sons turned against her, it would be easier for them to dethrone her.

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It was pretty evident from Akhilandeshwari’s reaction how upset she was about Anand’s decision of leaving Trichambarath. Right from the moment he mentioned it, to the moment he actually walked out, she had a hope that he might stay back. But when he didn’t, she seemed utterly broken. She was constantly staring at the cards he had left along with the money in his wallet. This clearly indicated how upset and worried she was about Anand and his wellbeing. While we all love to see her authoritative self at times, it’s time Akhilandeshwari decides what’s more important for her, among her family and her ego.

A still from Chembarathi
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