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Chembarathi 30 December 2021 Written Update: Anand confronts Rajarajeshwari


January 7, 2022

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Anand lies to Kalyani about what caused Dasan’s accident. Kalyani gets upset. Later, Anand stops Rajarajeshwari and decides to confront her. Dr. Merlin arrives at the house to examine Kalyani when she faints.

In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Anand realises that there is something fishy in Akhila’s new avatar. Later, Kalyani spots Kurup taking food to the terrace and gets suspicious. The police officer tells Anand that Akhila was seen at the same spot where Dasan’s accident took place.

In the next episode of ChembarathiAnand lies to Kalyani about what caused Dasan’s accident. Kalyani gets upset. Anand tells her that he did not want her to feel bad hence kept it from her. Meanwhile, Aravind informs Sivaramakrishnan and Anand that Akhila’s signature has been rejected by the bank. Vilasini passes her expert opinion about the same that leaves everyone disgusted. Rajarajeshwari approaches them and hands over a cheque leaf to Aravind and acts like everything is normal. Anand stops Rajarajeshwari and decides to confront her about being present at the accident spot. Rajarajeshwari is shocked when Anand asks her about the same. Rajarajeshwari acts like she was not involved in anything and brushes Anand off. Sivaramakrishnan gets infuriated and scolds Anand.

Kalyani faints while in the kitchen. Rajarajeshwari calls Priyanka and tells her that Kalyani lost her consciousness and that she has summoned Dr Merlin to treat Kalyani, who is also their aide. Later, the Doctor arrives at Rajarajeshwari’s house and examines Kalyani. She prescribes some medicines in the name of vitamin tablets for Kalyani to take and tells her that she is doing alright. Kalyani feels tired and stays in bed. Sivaramakrishnan spots Rajarajeshwari discussing something with the doctor and gets suspicious of her. Anand sits beside Kalyani and gives her much attention. Later, Sujatha forces Kalyani to eat. She questions Sujatha about Kurup’s behaviour.

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