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Chembarathi 27 December 2021 Written Update: Akhila calls Sivaramkrishnan


December 28, 2021

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Akhila tries to escape from captivity and succeeds. Elsewhere, Kalyani gets upset over Aniyankuttan being orphaned. Later, Akhila calls Sivaramkrishnan after escaping from captivity.

In the previous episode of Chembarathi, the doctor gives Anand Rajarajeshwari’s phone. Nandana asks Anand to open the phone and check it. Later, Rajarajeshwari makes sure that the scan reports are swapped when the nurse gets them. Priyanka threatens to kill Akhila’s grandkids.

In the next episode of ChembarathiAkhila tries to escape from captivity but she is unable to find the door that leads to the way out. Akhila somehow finds the gate that leads to the main entrance. Meanwhile, Kalyani is reminded of  the days that she and Anand shared a romantic moment. Kalyani gets emotional when she spots the stars but Anand cheers her up instantly. Anand approaches Kalyani and Kalyani shares her sorrows with Anand. Kalyani gets upset over Aniyankuttan being orphaned. She tells Anand that Vilasini and her aides scare her. Anand pacifies Kalyani and takes her inside. Later, Rajarajeshwari meets Sivaramkrishanan and tries to make a conversation with him about the business. She requests Sivaramkrishnan to speak to Anand about taking over the business.

Rajarajeshwari puts Sivaramkrishnan to sleep. Suddenly, Rajarajeshwari hears Sivaramkrishnan’s phone ringing and answers the call. Akhila asks her to give the phone to Sivaramkrishnan. Sivaramkrishnan answers the call but fails to recognise Akhila’s voice as he thinks that Akhila is next to him. He gives the phone to Rajarajeshwari saying that the person has the wrong number. Rajarajeshwari is stunned when Akhila reveals her identity on call. She is petrified but she handles Sivaramkrishnan and tucks him back to bed. Later, Rajarajeshwari informs Priyanka that Akhila has fled from captivity. Priyanka blames Rajarajeshwari’s idea to keep Akhila alive. Later, Rajarajeshwari tries to kill Sivaramkrishnan before anything goes wrong but he wakes up to the sound of a calling bell. Rajarajeshwari tries to brush it off from Sivaramkrishnan’s mind but he is not convinced. Sivaramkrishnan, along with the other family members, rush to open the door.


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