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Chembarathi 12 January 2022 Written Update: Akhila’s words hurt Anand


January 11, 2022

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Vilasini tries to instigate Akhila but Akhila gives her a fitting reply. Meanwhile, Kalyani returns home with Anand. Anand tells Aravind to make sure Kalyani is not aware of the truth. Later, Akhila’s hateful words upset Anand and he decides to leave the house.

In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Anand and Aravind arrive at the hospital to meet Kalyani. They meet the doctor and learn that Kalyani lost her child. Anand is devastated. Later, Vilasini poisons Akhila’s mind against Kalyani.

In the next episode of ChembarathiVilasini tries to instigate Akhila but Akhila gives her a fitting reply. Later, Akhila realises that Vilasini is not involved in any of the happenings at the house yet she warns Vilasini and asks her to stay away from her. Meanwhile, Kalyani returns home with Anand and Aravind. Anand tells Aravind to make sure that Nandana does not reveal the truth to Kalyani about the miscarriage. Akhila stops Nandana on the way and enquires about Kalyani. Nandana tells Akhila that Kalyani is feeling much better now. Akhila asks Nandana to take care of herself. She asks Aravind to take good care of Nandana as she is in a fragile state. She also adds that Nandana is born and brought up like a princess, unlike Kalyani who belongs to a poor household. Aravind feels upset when Akhila makes the statement before Anand. Anand is devastated by Akhila’s words.

Anand tries to hide the truth from Kalyani when she talks to him. Kalyani’s innocent face makes Anand even upset but he tries to cheer her up. Kalyani gets talkative about their future kid making Anand curse his fate. Sivaramakrishnan approaches Anand and tries to talk to him. Anand tells Sivaramakrishnan that he doesn’t need their love or sympathy. He tells Sivaramakrishnan that Akhila is showing her true colors and he wants to move away from home. Sivaramakrishnan tries to talk Anand out of it but he stands his ground. Sivaramakrishnan questions Akhila about her strange and changed behaviour. Later, Rajarajeshwari approaches Priyanka and tells her that she has a piece of good news to share.

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