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Chembarathi 10 January 2022 Written Update: Akhila is reunited with her family


January 11, 2022

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Anand questions the Doctor about her visit without being sumoned by the family. Later, Akhila receives a call from Rajarajeshwari, she tells Akhila not to tell her husband the truth as he might not be able to bear it. Later, Kalyani faints while at the temple.

In the previous episode of Chembarathi, Rajarajeshwari consoles Sivaramkrishnan when he gets worried about Kalyani. Later, The family finds Akhila lying on the stairs and rushes to her help. Kurup informs Priyanka about the happenings at the house.

In the next episode of ChembarathiAnand questions the doctor about her visit without being summoned by the family. The doctor tells Anand that Akhila had summoned her before all this happened. Anand gets suspicious but decides to go with the flow. The doctor tells Anand that he will give Akhila an injection and that she will be fine after the shot. Sivaramakrishnan gets worried about Akhila. Meanwhile, Kurup watches them from afar to make sure that Akhila is not making a ruckus. Elsewhere, Priyanka and Ganga try to devise a plan to get Rajarajeshwari back to the house and move Akhila from there. Rajarajeshwari feels defeated by the happenings. Later, Akhila wakes up and confronts Sivaramakrishnan. Sivaramakrishnan is unable to understand why she is acting in a certain way.

Akhila receives a call from Rajarajeshwari. Rajarajeshwari tells Akhila that not to act smart now that she is at her house with her family. She also tells Akhila that she won’t be able to stand on her own feet properly. Akhila tells Rajarajeshwari that she will end this game soon. Rajarajeshwari tells Akhila not to tell her husband the truth as he might not be able to bear it. Akhila understands that this game is not going to end here. Sivaramakrishnan shares the good news of Akhila’s recovery with Anand and Aravind. They meet Akhila and ask her if she wants to go to the hospital. Akhila refuses to go. She asks Nandana about her health making the family suspicious. Later, Akhila tells her family that she needs rest. Sivaramakrishnan tells Akhila that Kalyani has gone to the temple to pray for her. Anand receives a call from the temple personnel who tells him that Kalyani fainted while at the temple. Anand rushes to the hospital.

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