Breakfast To Dinner Reciepes, Learn How To Cook From The Best Chefs For Free With ZEE5 ATM

From Ghar Ka Khana to experimental cooking, ZEE5 is all set to be your saviour and take you away from those boring boring breakfasts and bland dinners.

Aditi Sharma

March 30, 2021


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Craving for something delicious or in the mood to do some experimental cooking? Well, then no more stress cooking with those recipe books. Make your cooking hassle-free by binge-watching your favourite cookery shows on ZEE5 and adding your best picks to your watchlist. This way you can watch, cook, and enjoy – anytime and anywhere. Here are some suggestions from ZEE5’s cookery shows.

Catch Kitchen by Chef Kunal Kapur

This cookery show is for all those bachelors struggling to cook good food and yet failing miserably. Chef Kunal Kapur is here to your rescue. His show Catch Kitchen is all about easy to cook recipes and the most interesting thing is Chef Kunal also adds a little flavour of fusion to them hence they are delicious, new and fun to try. With ZEE5, you can watch your favourite recipes at any time of the day – be it bachelors craving a midnight snack or a pregnant wife asking for a quick snack in the morning, ZEE5 and chef Kunal Kapur have got you covered.

Ghar Sa Yummy with chef Ranveer Brar

Home-cooked delicious food will always have a special place in our hearts. No matter how much we explore different types of cuisines and food, ‘sukoon to ghar ke khane me hi hai‘. Chef Ranveer Brar’s show Ghar Sa Yummy will take you on a journey of cooking good home-cooked food. Next time, you want to reminisce some memories of your mom’s cooking, go to ZEE5, watch Ranveer Brar’s show and enjoy some ‘Ghar Ka Khana’. Also, no worry about subscription as its completely free on ZEE5. 

I Love Cooking with chef Maria Goretti 

If you are someone who loves experimental cooking, Chef Maria Goretti is your best pickup. Chef Maria takes you on a journey of different cuisines and cooking techniques by teaching them in the easiest way possible. Chef Maria Goretti is giving a new vision to home-style cooking in her show. So next time, you feel like doing some experimental cooking while being at home – I Love Cooking on ZEE5 should certainly make it to your watchlist.

Khana Khazana with chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Chef Sanjeev Kapoor is one of the most popular chefs in India. His show Khana Khazana is one of the oldest and popular cookery shows. ZEE5 is giving you this cookery gem to binge-watch at any time and anywhere. Now watch and learn from your favourite chef without spending hours to find that one particular episode.

3 Course Pankaj

Chef Pankaj’s show 3 course is a cookery show where you prepare a proper 3-course meal with her. Looking to brighten up your significant other’s mood with good food, then with ZEE5 ATM, it gets easier. ZEE5 allow its users to watch 3 Course Pankaj anytime and anywhere that too for free!

Good Food America

Well, if you like to watch some English cookery show, Good Food America can make it to your watchlist. Good Food America is an American television series taking you on a culinary adventure in search of the best and healthiest eateries in America. With chef Danny, you explore the staples of America.

For a perfect bowl of good food, there are three things you need – ingredients, cooking equipment and a recipe. While we all love to follow recipes online, sometimes it all gets messed up when you read and work on it. However, watching it makes it more interesting as well as easy to follow. Now that you know what to watch, the next step is finding that particular episode or that one chef’s perfect recipe to follow.

While you are doing that, you often find yourself going through tons of videos to find a particular one. But with ZEE5, you don’t have to do this hustle anymore. Like an ATM machine, we are giving out entertainment anywhere and anytime with ZEE5 ATM (Any Time Manoranjan).

Now watch your favourite cookery shows and practice your favourite recipes at any hour of the day with ZEE5 and that too without taking a subscription. Happy cooking.

ZEE5 ka ATM yaani Any time Manoranjan.

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