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Bigg Boss 15: Evicted Contestant Jay Bhanushali Reveals How The Show Isn’t For Married Men


November 30, 2021

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Jay Bhanushali was one of the promising contestants of Bigg Boss 15 but he was recently evicted from the show. The ex-contestant reveals how show isn’t meant for married men

Jay Bhanushali was recently evicted from Bigg Boss 15′ house. The actor and host looked extremely promising but looks like his journey had to end for the better. The actor now has interesting reveals of the show.

In an interview, he said that For the initial two weeks, the game revolved around me. He was told then that he looked like a winner. Jay went inside with the intention that Jay would make this season the most entertaining one. However, he was singled out and told that he wasn’t doing anything. Jab main kar raha tha tab bhi aur nahi kar raha tha tab bhi. Par sabhi kuchh nahi kar rahe the. Sabko bolo na. So, Jay was confused and wanted to ask ki bata do Karna kya hai. The parameters of becoming a winner are different this season than previous editions.

Unlike the claims made regarding him that the actor was conscious about his image, he shares he was playing honestly in the house. He continues, he was often told ki aapko kya lag raha hai ki aap hamesha sahi karenge aur aap baahar ki image ke baare mein kyun soch rahe hain. He doesn’t instigate people for no rhyme or reason and just to be seen. He will argue with someone if he rubs him the wrong way.

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While he doesn’t regret being part of Bigg Boss, he repents giving a nod to participate in this season. Jay adds, he doesn’t regret being a part of Bigg Boss, but he repents participating in the ongoing season of the reality show. The winners of previous seasons performed in tasks, put their best foot forward, took a stand for the right, and were opinionated. Doosron ke liye bhi ladta hai aur harr mudde mein uska ek opinion rehta hai. He has all these qualities. However, the pitch of the current season is different, and he wasn’t cut out for it.

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