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Bigg Boss 15: Bipasha Basu And Rajiv Adatia Disappointed By Tejasswi Prakash For Age Shaming By Calling Aunty To Shamita Shetty – Read On


January 27, 2022

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Bigg Boss 15 Bipasha Basu and Rajiv Adatia is disappointed by Tejasswi Prakash for the age shaming Shamita Shetty and calling her Aunty and shilpa. Read to know more

Bigg Boss 15 is a show that Bipasha Basu enjoys watching. On Twitter, she expresses her opinions about the show and the participants. Bipasha lambasted Tejasswi Prakash for age-shaming Shamita Shetty this time. Tejasswi was chastised by the actress for referring to Shamita as “aunty,” and the actress suggested that if Tejasswi is so insecure, she should address her issues with her lover Karan Kundrra rather than tearing down other women.

Bipasha took to Twitter and commented, “Disgustingly age shaming, then apologising… it’s beyond sad! It’s very tragic if this is a winner or a role model for anyone. If you’re insecure, instead of tearing other women down, go after the man who makes you feel insecure. #biggboss15 #shameful”

Shilpa Shetty tweeted in response to the actress, “A STRONG WOMAN is someone who builds up rather than tears down other women. #respect #ShamitaIsTheBoss THANK YOU bips Luv urself for always being strong and saying what’s wrong.”

The Bigg Boss 15 house was changed into a hotel for a task, for those who are unaware. Tejasswi, a hotel employee, gave Karan Kundrra a massage, but he wasn’t impressed. “Aisi kaunsi hotel staff hoti hai, yeh bakwas massage kar rahi hai,” he explained. Shamita then proceeded to massage Karan. Tejasswi retaliated against Shamita, claiming, “Not Raqesh Bapat, but Karan Kundrra. Isse pehle aapne apne assignment ko kabhi nahi liya thi.”

This did not sit well with Shamita, and they became embroiled in a verbal battle. “Lo aunty chadh Gayi us pe bhi,” Tejasswi subsequently said about Shamita. “It’s a task, and you have no business calling me an aunty,” Shamita yelled angrily. Shamita responded to Tejasswi’s apology by saying, “Learn to respect others before approaching me. You fool, I don’t want to have this conversation with you. You bloody insecure woman, you age-shamed me. You need to get some brains.”

Tejasswi Prakash and Shamita Shetty had a feud over Karan Kundrra in a recent Bigg Boss 15 commercial. During the fight, Tejasswi referred to Shamita as “Aunty.” Shamita’s fans and well-wishers were offended, and they called out the Swaragini actress for her statements. Rajiv Adatia, Shamita’s brother and a previous Bigg Boss competitor, has now spoken out about the event. The paparazzi caught up with him with singer and former Bigg Boss contestant Himanshi Khurana.

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Rajiv expressed his displeasure with Tejasswi over her words about Shamita when engaging with the paparazzi. Shamita, he continued, does not appear to be an aunty and is pretty young. He also hoped that Tejasswi and Shamita’s relationship would improve in the future. Shamita, he added, is the best player in the house. Rajiv also spoke on Karan Kundrra and Tejasswi Prakash’s love relationship, saying that if they are happy, everyone else will be happy as well.

The finale of Bigg Boss 15, hosted by superstar Salman Khan, will take place on January 29 and 30. In the final episode, Shehnaaz Gill will pay tribute to her close friend Sidharth Shukla. The makers drop the promo on their Insta handle

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