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Bhagya Lakshmi 18 August 2022 Upcoming Story: Malishka executes her plan!


August 18, 2022

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Balwinder enters the hotel in a disguise and spoils the dishes made by Lakshmi. The guests start falling sick, worrying Aayush and Lakshmi. Malishka feels elated over the events.

In the previous episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Rishi thanks Lakshmi for her help and they both converse on a video call. Malishka keeps an eye on Lakshmi, and she overhears the two speaking. Rishi mentions that the two of them should party once he returns which irks Malishka and she promises to ruin it. Malishka tries to ruin the dish made by Lakshmi, but Aayush sees her do so. He shouts at her for her actions and tells Lakshmi that Malishka was trying to mix something in the food to ruin Lakshmi’s efforts and name. Malishka feigns innocence and turns the tables on Aayush, telling him that he has humiliated her in front of everyone. Aayush refuses to apologise to Malishka but Lakshmi intervenes and tells him to apologise. Later, Rishi and Lakshmi miss each other and feel that they are in front of each other. They both confess their feelings and Rishi mentions that he is proud of Lakshmi for handling everything. They both give each other credit and later, the chefs praise Lakshmi for preparing delicious food. Malishka gets tensed over Rishi and Lakshmi’s close behaviour and feels that it is impossible to separate the two. She determines to throw Lakshmi out of Rishi’s life and plans to ruin the name of the Oberoi family and put the blame on Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Balwinder promises to exact his revenge and doesn’t pick up Malishka’s phone. He ends up picking up her phone and Malishka gives him another task and calls him to Rishi’s hotel. Aayush confronts Malishka quickly, but she rebukes him for not trusting her. Malishka refuses to leave and tells Aayush that Neelam has sent her to check on everything. Aayush understands her ploy and tells her that he is waiting on her to make a mistake and that Lakshmi will not make a mistake.

In the next episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Balwinder enters the hotel in a disguise and spoils the food prepared by Lakshmi. The guests start falling sick one by one, much to the surprise of Aayush and Lakshmi. Malishka feels elated as her plan comes to fruition and she promises to further ruin Lakshmi’s life and efforts.

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