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Bhagya Lakshmi 13 August 2022 Upcoming Story: Aayush confronts Lakshmi


August 18, 2022

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Aayush confronts Malishka and asks her why she lied to him. Malishka argues with Lakshmi and says that she’ll be the daughter-in-law of the Oberois. Aayush overhears Kiran and Malishka talking.

In the previous episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Malishka enters the guest room where Balwinder is hiding and Aayush’s doubts get confirmed. Aayush asks Malishka to help him, and Lakshmi collects evidence, but Malishka avoids him and says that Harleen is waiting for Lakshmi downstairs. Malishka feels irked over Aayush’s behaviour but Aayush says that he needs her to discover the fraudster. Malishka feigns her innocence, but Aayush says that the perpetrator will be found at any cost. Aayush tells Lakshmi that it is a test of Malishka, who doesn’t tell people where Balwinder is hiding. Meanwhile, Rishi tries to investigate the jar of water which gave an electric current to Lakshmi. Karishma and Neelam try to stop him and shout at Aahana for interrupting them. Rishi tells everyone that a conspiracy is afoot and figures out the electrical contraption made to give an electric shock to Lakshmi. Rishi says that he will tell Inspector Durga Devi about this, worrying Kiran. Malishka distracts Rishi and says that he should be with Lakshmi, but he refuses to listen to her. Inspector Durga Devi laments Rishi for his investigation but he says that he will do anything to protect his wife. Karishma says that Kiran knew the priest and Malishka lies and says that the priest could have run away. Inspector Durga Devi mentions that the priest is Balwinder and says that someone in the family is providing information to Balwinder. Neelam refuses to believe her, and Rishi runs to the guest room. Later, Aayush, Rishi and Lakshmi look for Balwinder and Malishka arrives there as well, saying that Harleen should not be kept waiting. Balwinder manages to give them the slip and hides on the balcony. Balwinder drapes a sari and tries to slip away.

In the next episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Aayush confronts Malishka and asks her why she lied to him and Lakshmi and mentions that if she wanted them to be away from the guest room. Malishka tells Lakshmi that the Oberois want her as their daughter-in-law and Lakshmi mentions that the family doesn’t know her real face. Later, Malishka sees Rishi and Lakshmi getting close to each other and vents out to Kiran, stating that Lakshmi’s fate is good and that despite her attempts, Lakshmi is still in their way. Aayush overhears the two and comes to punch Malishka, scaring her.

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