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Bhagya Lakshmi 12 August 2022 Written Update: Rishi finds the proof!


August 18, 2022

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Aayush’s suspicions are confirmed. Balwinder hides in the guest room and tries to give everyone the slip. Inspector Durga Devi mentions that the priest was Balwinder himself.

In the previous episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Balwinder hides in the guest room and curses his fate. Aayush speaks with Inspector Durga Devi and finds Balwinder’s wig. Malishka slaps Balwinder, who tries to apologise to Lakshmi. Rishi conveys his anger and says that an attack was planned on Lakshmi, and he won’t forgive the perpetrator. Aayush meets with Lakshmi and tells her that Malishka is behind the attack on her and is conspiring against her. Aayush mentions that a fake priest came to the house and Malishka spies on them. Neelam tells Rishi that he shouldn’t do anything drastic.

In the next episode of Bhagya Lakshmi, Aayush’s suspicions are confirmed when Malishka enters the guest room where Balwinder is concealing himself. Malishka avoids Aayush and tells him that Harleen is waiting for Lakshmi downstairs when he begs her to assist him and Lakshmi in gathering proof. Malishka is annoyed by Aayush’s behaviour, but he claims he needs her to find the fraudster. Malishka pretends to be innocent, but Aayush asserts that the offender will be apprehended at all costs. Aayush informs Lakshmi that Malishka is being tested for keeping Balwinder’s whereabouts a secret. In the meantime, Rishi tries to find out more about the water jar that shocked Lakshmi. When Aahana interrupts them, Karishma and Neelam try to stop him by yelling at her. Rishi informs everyone that a scheme is underway and discovers the electrical device used to shock Lakshmi. Kiran is concerned when Rishi claims that he would inform Inspector Durga Devi of this. Rishi is diverted by Malishka, who advises him to stay with Lakshmi, but he doesn’t take her advice. Inspector Durga Devi bemoans Rishi’s probe, but he assures her that he will do everything it takes to keep his wife safe. Malishka lies and claims that the priest could have fled, while Karishma claims that Kiran knew the priest. Inspector Durga Devi claims that Balwinder is receiving information from a member of the family. Rishi rushes to the guest room as Neelam won’t accept her story. Later, Malishka shows in and declares that Harleen shouldn’t be kept waiting as Aayush, Rishi, and Lakshmi search for Balwinder. Balwinder succeeds in eluding them and takes cover on the balcony. Balwinder tries to elude capture by hiding under a saree.

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