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Before Agga Bai Sausbai Wraps Up, A Look At 5 Times Shubhra Impressed Us With Her Boss Lady Andaaz

Aboli Vaze

March 13, 2021

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Here’s a throwback to the times when Shubhra from Agga Bai Sasubai won our hearts with her boss lady andaaz.

The countdown for Agga Bai Sasubai’s end has begun and we already feel sad. The show gave us a lot to remember. From Ajoba’s quippy comebacks to Asawari’s adorable antics, we’re going to miss everything. We will also miss Shubhra’s boss lady avatar that inspired us a lot over the years. On that note, here’s a throwback to the times when Shubhra won our hearts with her boss lady andaaz.

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1. “Don’t tell me what to wear”

Remember the time Shubhra wore a dress and Soham berated her for it? Well, Shubhra did not stand back and let him insult her. She gave a befitting response and told him that he cannot control her. She let him know that she can wear whatever she wants and does not need his permission.

2. Pradnya Vs. Shubhra

In the first few episodes of the show, we saw how Pradnya tried to cause misunderstandings in the Kulkarni family. She took a photo of Asawari and made it seem as though she was there to meet Abhijit. Her plans were foiled when Shubhra caught her and asked her never to mess with her family again.

3. Standing up for Sasubai

No one could mess with Asawari with Shubhra being around. Throughout the series, Shubhra has stood up for Asawari whenever she was wronged, and she has fought for her no matter what the situation was. Be it convincing Ajoba for Asawari’s marriage or handling Soham, Shubhra was always there for her family.

4. Shubhra and Katekor

When Katekor implicated Soham in a murder, it was Shubhra’s clever idea that got him out of the situation. It was her and Abhijit who came up with a plan to take down Katekor and keep Soham safe. Her wit and clever thinking saved the entire Kulkarni family.

Source: ZEE5

5. Shubhra with Ajoba

Initially, on the show, Ajoba used to be really cranky (in an adorable way). He would leave his things here and there and would expect Asawari to clean it up. He wanted everything done for him but Shubra would not have any of that. She would not give in to his tantrums and would ask him to do his work himself.

Source: ZEE5

We’re sure that she is going to be just as savage in Aggabai Sunbai too! We cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the new season.

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