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BB 13 Former Contestant Himanshi Khurana Opens Up Not Doing Intimate Scenes In Digital Shows


October 31, 2021

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The stunning actress in the Punjabi film industry who has also been a former BB 13 contestant, Himanshi Khurana opens up on not doing any intimate scenes in digital shows

We all know how the digital platforms boomed tremendously in the lockdown in the last year 2020 when many films and digital shows premiered digitally, audiences also saw many big faces going down the digital way, and in a recent interview, Himanshi Khurana spoke up at length on not doing any intimate scenes in digital shows.

Opening up on the same Himanshi said that even if she is open to working on digital platforms, she has her own set of limitations as well and won’t be comfortable in doing any intimate scenes too.

She also added how these days digital shows have become bold and intimate with content which has become a demand for every platform wherein sometimes it seems that it has become compulsory to have bold content in web shows and even if she had been offered a few shows in the past but she then turned them down.

She also added how nobody forces us to do it and that it is her personal and individual choice of not wanting to be a part of such content.

Also talking about how the Punjabi film industry is also making digital shows nowadays Himanshi added that even their Punjabi industry has started making digital shows nowadays which are not that established but she would love to do a project over here, to be honest.

She also added that she would always love doing films in Punjab as here clean and good films are made and also talked about how much is the Punjabi cinema so vast wherein the audience is also huge overseas.

Also revealing about how much is she presently enjoying working in films here but if she is offered a good project on a digital platform that is clean, then she would do it.

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Also opening up on how she had been offered a huge Bollywood film but since it had loads of bold scenes she didn’t sign on the dotted line, Himanshi revealed that Before Bigg Boss she had been offered a few films which had bold and intimate content.

Furthermore, also mentions how many people are aware that a lot of actors from the Punjabi industry keep working in Bollywood, she had been offered 3 big Bollywood projects and one of them was Hate Story 4.

She also shared about how a popular Punjabi actress worked in that film ultimately but it was offered originally to her as well wherein the makers had shortlisted a few popular names from the Punjabi industry and she had been one of them but as she wasn’t comfortable she did not take it up since it was out of her comfort zone.

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