Arjun Rampal Reveals Why He Chose Nail Polish And The Challenges He Faced While Playing A Lawyer

Arjun Rampal talks about his role in Nail Polish and his preparation for it in this interaction.

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January 12, 2021


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Nail Polish, a courtroom thriller, released on ZEE5 on the first day of the New Year. The film is directed by Bugs Bhargava Krishna and stars Arjun Rampal, Manav Kaul, Anand Tiwari, and Rajit Kapoor in the leading roles. Arjun Rampal, who has been known for his roles in thriller films, plays the defence lawyer in the film, who aims to prove that Veer Singh (Manav Kaul) is not guilty of the multiple-murders that she is charged with. Arjun Rampal in a live stream revealed a lot more about his character in Nail Polish and his preparation for it. Read on to find out. 


About why he chose Nail Polish, Arjun Rampal said that mainly because it was a courtroom drama and he was intrigued by the script. He said, “Since it is a courtroom drama, there is always a curiosity about what the argument is about and what is the case about. And Nail Polish’s case is the most interesting case I have come across. It’s so unpredictable. For my character, Veer Singh is completely innocent; for the prosecutor, he is completely guilty, and for the judge, there is no knowledge – this is the most difficult judgment for him.”

Arjun Rampal also opened up about his preparation for the role of the defense lawyer in Nail Polish. He said, “I think playing a lawyer is one of the most difficult roles. If you are not arguing properly, or not completely in character, it can go very wrong. So I got in touch with a lot of lawyers.” He also said that some of his family members are also lawyers, so they were also an inspiration for some of his mannerisms in the film.

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Arjun Rampal in Nail Polish on ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Arjun Rampal said that to understand his role and the case, he sat and talked to the director, Bugs Bhargava Krishna, and the dialogue writer, Sudeep Naik. He asked them a lot of questions to get to know Sid Jaisingh. He said, “I asked Bugs what the case was and what Veer Singh was accused of. He told me that he was accused of killing 38 children. So here for me, Arjun Rampal, it would be different. I would think that if he is the guilty person, why does he need a defense. But to play that role, Sid Jaisingh, defending the guilty, I had to put my conscience away. So when I met the lawyers, that’s what I asked them, about putting away the conscience. And they told me that until proven guilty, everyone is innocent.”

Source: ZEE5

Further about his role, Arjun Rampal also said that Sid Jaisingh, in his spare time, is a complete loner, he doesn’t like to be around people, and maybe he is a borderline alcoholic. “Sid Jaisingh is absolutely ruthless in court. In this case, to prove that his client is not guilty, he puts 100% of his focus on it. He finds all the loopholes and through it, he starts to discover a lot about this case. You don’t see him investigating but you know he is investigating when he argues. But he then goes through a huge change during the case. Sid, as a human, changes because of the proceeding of this case,” Arjun said.

About getting Nail Polish, Arjun Rampal said, “I am very excited about the film. And I am very thankful to the whole ZEE5 team and Bugs, for giving me Nail Polish as the first release of my 20th year in the industry.

Watch Nail Polish on ZEE5.

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