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Antim: Salman Khan Visits The City Of Chandigarh For Promotions; THIS Is What The Fans Say When ‘Bhai’ Enters The Stage – Watch Video


December 1, 2021

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Salman Khan and Aayush Sharma starrer has been released on zee5 and on the big screens. The superstar has been engaging in a number of promotional sprees since its release date. Now, he visited the city of chandigarh

Salman Khan arrived in Chandigarh on a chartered jet to attend a fan screening of Antim: The Final Truth, his recent theatre release, starring his brother-in-law Aayush Sharma and actress Mahima Makwana. When the superstar walked on to the stage, it was clearly visible that his name was cheered by the fans around the arena. The star slayed his ensemble in a kickass walk. He donned a black bomber jacket along with olive green tshirt paired with blue denims.

He joked, laughed, tossed in some weighty lines, and didn’t forget to make a request in an honest conversation. He also advised everyone to see Antim, not because it stars Salman but because it is a terrific film. Salman, who is reprising his role as a cop, says it may appear simple, but it is not. He claimed that not a single officer character has remained the same from Garv to Dabangg to Antim. The actor wore a turban in Heroes with Preity Zinta in 2008, and he had to meet a number of requirements to play Rajveer Singh, a Sikh police officer, in Antim. According to him, portraying a Punjabi with a turban instantly gives the role of prestige, and they made sure the character got the respect he deserved.

Antim, according to the actor, is not a replica of the Marathi movie Mulshi Pattern. Mulshi Pattern has the same storyline as this one. The individuals, their tales, and the social environment, however, are all unique. It was a Rs 8-crore budget picture, but when it’s made by Salman Khan Productions, the budget skyrocketed.

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Salman clears the air, blaming him for the misunderstanding that he had been simply making a cameo in Antim. He stated that he remains in the film till the end. He accepted responsibility for the misunderstanding that his role is a long cameo. And he was delighted to share credit for the project’s success with Aayush Sharma. However, when Aayush referred to it as a two-hero picture, Salman Khan joked that there is only one hero.

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