Aggabai Sunbai 16 April 2021 Written Update: Soham laughs at Shubhra

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April 15, 2021


2 min


In the previous episode of Agga Bai Sunbai, everyone reassures Rashmi on learning about her plight. Abhijit’s question about Soham leaves Shubhra puzzled. Rashmi thanks Asawari. Later, Rashmi tells Shubhra that she saw Soham with a girl.


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In the next episode of Agga Bai Sunbai, Shubhra feels conflicted over Rashmi’s words and decides to ask Soham about it. Soham lies and mentions that he will never cheat on her. Shubhra feels grateful and tells him that Rashmi saw him and Suzanne together in a car. Soham pretends to be upset but Shubhra mentions that she doesn’t trust Rashmi. Soham tells her not to talk with Rashmi anymore and hugs Shubhra, breathing a sigh of relief.

The next morning, Soham taunts Shubhra once again which makes Shubhra feel that she’s not the way Soham desires her to be. Abhijit cooks for everyone and Aajoba has fun with him. Later, Shubhra sits in front of the mirror and decides to apply make-up and asks Suzanne for her help. Suzanne pretends to give her tips but actually plans to ruin her. Meanwhile, Abhijit, Asawari and Aajoba have a fun competition in the kitchen. Shubhra continues her make-up with the help of Suzanne. Later, Soham calls Suzanne who asks him to keep the phone on as she wishes to see the Gudi Padwa at his house. Shubhra comes there and asks Soham how she looks. Soham pretends to be nice but then tells Suzanne that Shubhra is looking like a fool and laughs at her. Later, everyone is astonished to see Shubhra and Aajoba’s words make her feel hurt.


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