Aggabai Sunbai 10 April 2021 Written Update: Suzanne slaps Soham

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April 9, 2021


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In the previous episode of Agga Bai Sunbai, Soham steals the diamond earrings and gifts them to Suzanne. Shubhra tells Abhijit about the earrings being lost. Abhijit later finds Suzanne wearing them. Suzanne conspires to usurp Soham’s property.


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In the next episode of Agga Bai Sunbai, Suzanne brings her boyfriend, Raj and introduces him to everyone. Soham feels anxious and Abhijit serves Pani puri to everyone. Suzanne shows Shubham her earrings which creates a doubt in Abhijit’s mind. Shubham notices her earrings and tells Shubhra that Suzanne has stolen her earrings.

Suzanne lies to Asawari about it but Shubhra begins to cry. She tells Asawari that she feels bad as she lost her earrings but Soham intervenes and gives her the lost earrings, which shocks Suzanne. Soham puts the earrings on Shubhra, making Suzanne jealous. Shubhra asks Soham to click a photo of her and Suzanne as they’re wearing the same earring. Later, Aajoba cleans his old collection of coins and Abhijit makes fun of him. Suzanne calls Soham and asks for an explanation. She asks him to prove the earring he gave her is real and calls him to the jewellery shop. Shubham steals the brush from Aajoba and cleans Shubhra’s jewellery. Shubhra stops him and ends up noticing the earring  has been spoilt. Shubhra shows the spoilt earring to Asawari and she mentions that the jeweller will clean them well. Abhijit makes an observation and says that this earring is not made of real gold. Asawari and Shubhra decide to go to the jeweller to clear up the confusion. 

At the jeweller, Suzanne asks them to verify if the earrings are real or no. Asawari and Shubhra arrive at the jeweller too but a confusion arises and the real set of earrings ends up with them. Meanwhile, the clerk at the jewellery store tells Suzanne that the earrings are fake which infuriates her and she slaps Soham. He sees Asawari in a mirror and gets worried.   


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