Agga Bai Sasubai 22 March 2021 Written Update: Shubhra goes to Soham’s office

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March 25, 2021


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In the previous episode of Aggabai Sunbai, Suzanne gets upset when Soham introduces Shubhra at Asawari’s book launch function. Shubhra gets emotional while talking about Asawari on stage. The book gets launched by Aajoba, Abhijit and Asawari.

Watch what will happen next on Aggabai Sunbai:

In the next episode of Aggabai Sunbai, as Shubhra serves breakfast to Aajoba and Shubham, Soham arrives talking to Suzanne on a call. While Shubhra lovingly urges Soham to have breakfast before leaving for work, the latter refuses and heads out to meet Suzanne. Just then, Abhijit arrives home and quizzes Shubhra on seeing her sad face. When she shares her concern about Soham not eating on time due to heavy workload, Abhijit suggests taking lunch for Asawari and Soham to their office.

Later, Abhijit convinces a hesitant Shubhra to accompany him to office and the duo gets ready to leave. However, Shubhra gives numerous instructions to Aajoba and Shubham before leaving.

On reaching office, Shubhra and Abhijit learn that Asawari is in a bad temper. However, Abhijit manages to assuage Asawari’s anger and makes her laugh. Soon after, Abhijit tells Asawari that he has managed to bring Shubhra to office but getting her involved in work will be Asawari’s responsibility. Asawari assures him that she has huge plans for Shubhra and she will make Shubhra work in the office with her.

Meanwhile, irked on seeing Shubhra in office, Soham berates her and insults her. Moreover, he taunts her that since she is a housewife, she should take care of home and shouldn’t step out of the house. To add to her misery, he ousts her from his cabin and Suzanne enters into his cabin while a teary-eyed Shubhra looks on.

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