Aamir Khan Believes That Education Is Beyond Marks And Grades

Aamir Khan talks about education and believes that education is beyond grades.

Isha Khatu

January 19, 2021

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Bollywood actor Aamir Khan attended an educational event and gave a speech on education. The actor mentioned his films Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots and spoke about what he learnt while making those films. Take a look at what the Dangal actor had to say about children and their education.

Aamir Khan talks about education and its importance

Aamir Khan was invited to an educational event. He told the professors that they know more about it than him. He added that he researched on education while working on films like Taare Zameen Par and 3 Idiots. He said that he realised that every child is special. Every kid has a special ability and they will figure it out by themselves. Parents should be supportive and help children improve their skills. Parents should be able to support the child’s weakness and make them strong in those areas.

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He said that he has been invited to a lot of educational institutes and they have always mentioned that all their children have passed in the board exams. He asks them how many of their students are genuinely happy. He tells them a story that when they were screening their film, 3 Idiots, he was asked by a person sitting in the audience that in the film he does not get a certificate as he wasn’t Ranchoddas Chanchad. The person asked him how does everyone give him so much respect as Funsuk Wangdu.

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Aamir told the man that even though he did not have a degree, he did his engineering and gained knowledge. That’s exactly how that character took efforts and earned a name. He gave him an example that as an actor who people appreciate, Aamir does not have a certificate to prove the same. Aamir Khan added that one cannot prove that he is educated until he starts working. A certificate does not define his knowledge nor do his marks. Education is beyond marks and grades but it is what you learn. He adds that in India, our education system should inculcate teaching values and that should start at home. Children should be taught to be better humans and excel what they’re best at.

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