3 Songs Like Hulli Hulli And Amma Ninna That Will Give You All The Patriotic Vibes This Independence Day!

Here are 3 most popular songs that you must listen to on-loop on the special occasion of Independence Day!


August 13, 2020


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Independence Day is coming closer and we have for you, a list of top 5 songs, that will bring about all the patriotic spirit during such difficult times! Evoke the spirit of love and nationalism with these oh-so-amazing tracks!

Hebbuli – Hulli Hulli

Hulli Hulli from Hebbuli, is sung by Jack Style, Kamaraj and Arjun Janyam with the latter being the music composer. The song sheds light on the struggles that soldiers face during the time of war so that we can live a peaceful life. While the movie is a must-watch, Hulli Hulli shows Sudeep fighting corruption and other issues that the country faces which makes this song even more special.

Kiccha As Captain Raam In Hebbuli
Kiccha As Captain Raam In Hebbuli

Thayige Thakka Maga – Amma Ninna

Composed by Judah Sandhy, Amma Ninna is dedicated to Mother India. The song comprises of a heart-warming video, that shows how Mohan Das-played by Krishna Ajai Rao-saves his mother. She is symbolic of his country and his city, that he protects from the goons, who try to cause harm to it. This particular movie is a must-watch!

A Still Of The Cast Of Thayige Thakka Maga
Source: Instagram

Bangalore Underworld – Yeh Maalik

Yeh Maalik sung by Anoop Seelin, is a must-listen. The lyrics talk about Ram as a hero, who defeats every wrong that comes his way. Singers Vijay Urs, Mohan, Krishna, Srinivas, instigate the feeling of heroism, reminding you of all the heroes in our country, who have fought against injustice. The story of Bangalore Underworld revolves around Ram, who is an underworld don, only to realise that fate has something else planned for him. His evolution as a person makes this story as gripping and enthralling as it is.

Source: ZEE5
Source: ZEE5

Catch the movie Thayige Thakka Maga this Independence Day!

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