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Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: Omkar’s Take On Love Moves Malvika, Will She Accept Om-Sweetu’s Feelings For Each Other?

Aboli Vaze

May 25, 2021

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In Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, after listening to Omkar’s take on love, Malvika for the first time was speechless. Read on.

In Yeu Kashi Me Nandayla, a lot of drama unfolded after the last episode. Omkar avowed his love for Sweetu, leaving everyone shocked beyond belief. Even Malvika knows now that Omkar loves Sweetu, whom she has hated since day 1. We thought she would throw some major tantrum and try to separate the two. But, much to our surprise, she was rather composed when Omkar explained his love for Sweetu. This made us think she might accept their love after all, read on.

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What happened was, when Sweetu was about to place a ring on Mohit’s finger, she just froze. She kept looking at Omkar and could not stop recalling the fun and loving moments they spent together. Sensing her hesitation, Mohit yelled at her and berated her in front of everybody. He accused her of having an affair with Omkar following which Omkar lost his calm too.

Omkar then shouted at Mohit and asked him not to speak that way about Sweetu. He told everyone that they are not having an affair as Sweetu does not love him back. It’s he who loves her and not the other way round, leaving everyone shocked. Nalu then scolded Omkar for causing problems in Sweetu’s engagement following which Malvika shouted at her for scolding Omkar then stormed out.

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Omkar’s take on love

Omkar followed his sister and told her he really loves Sweetu. Malvika said, “Is Sweetu the girl you love? really? what is there to love?”. Omkar responded saying, “if you look at her from my point of view then you will understand. I have been wanting to tell you for many days now but I could not…she is beautiful and beyond that, she has a good nature. I feel so good when she laughs. There is a melody in whatever she does. She wishes no harm upon anyone and takes care of everyone. She has a good heart and is a genuine person. I laugh the most when I am with her, all my worries fade away in her presence. I have seen many materialistic things in my life but Sweetu is not one of them and that is why I love her”.

Will Malvika accept Om-Sweetu’s love?

Malvika has hated Sweetu ever since she has entered her life. But, after listening to Omkar’s take on love she was truly moved. She, for the first time, was speechless and seemed really confused. Malvika may not be a good person but she loves her brother a lot, there is no denying that. If Sweetu makes her brother happy then she might accept their love after all. She may not be too ecstatic about it but for her brother’s sake, she would accept it.

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