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Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla: Love Is All About Being Selfless, And Omkar Has Proved It

Aboli Vaze

May 20, 2021

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Here’s taking a look at few instances where Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla’s Omkar proved his selfless love for Sweetu. 

Love has many definitions but we often say it is about being selfless, right? When you love someone, you are quite altruistic when it comes to their well-being and happiness. In Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, Omkar believes in a similar definition of love. He has, on many occasions, proved he is selfless about Sweetu and would do anything for her. Even if it means compromising his own happiness and we find that truly heartwarming. On that note, here’s taking a look at few instances where Omkar proved his selfless love for Sweetu.

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1. Getting her ready for engagement

The pain of seeing the person you love marry someone else is unfathomable. One might even try to sabotage that marriage or relationship, but that is not how Omkar is. He loves Sweetu so much, that he wishes nothing but happiness for her. Even if it means seeing her getting engaged to Mohit. To show how happy he is for her, Omkar got Sweetu ready for her engagement even though it was breaking his heart.

2. Breaking off friendship

When Nalu asked Omkar to stay away from Sweetu for her well-being, Omkar happily obliged. Even though he wanted nothing more than for her to be around him all the time, he decided to break off their friendship. He loved her even then, but Sweetu did not know it. Saying ‘dosti ke liye kuch bhi’, Omkar tearfully bid goodbye to Sweetu and walked away.

Yeu kashi tashi me nandayla's Omkar
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3. Changing habits

For someone who has lived all his life in a lavish mansion, travelled in fancy cars and dined at 5-star hotels, it would be hard to adjust to a rather ‘mediocre’ life. However, Omkar is ready to give up all that for Sweetu. He is okay living in a shanty house, eating normal food if it means being with Sweetu. Not just this, he is ready to share all that he has with Sweetu, he’s giving, understanding and adjusting.

4. Saving Sweetu

When Sweetu was being harassed by a man, Omkar jumped to her defence without caring for his safety. Not once did he think about himself and was only worried about Sweetu. Despite receiving a few punches himself, Omkar ignored the pain and instead took care of Sweetu.

5. Footwear exchange

Remember when Sweetu’s shabby footwear tore off? Omkar being the selfless man he is, gave his own footwear to Sweetu and walked barefoot himself. He must have gotten hurt, with blisters but he’d rather endure all that instead of seeing Sweetu in pain.

We just wish Nalu would see how much Omkar loves Sweetu and how right he is for her. We also wish for Sweetu to think for herself once and follow her heart. Do you think she will go through with the engagement? Stay tuned to ZEE5 and Zee Marathi to find out.

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