Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla 16 September 2021 Written Update: Omkar’s reaction baffles Maithili.

When Mohit takes Sweetu with him to celebrate their one-month anniversary, Omkar’s reaction baffles Maithili. Sweetu seeks an explanation from Mohit for faking their relationship in front of everyone.


September 22, 2021

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In the previous episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, Sweetu takes the chain gifted by Shaku from Mohit. Later, Suman gives Omkar a tiffin for Sweetu. Malvika asks Mohit to take Sweetu out for dinner. Sweetu gets furious when Omkar gives her the tiffin.

In the next episode of Yeu Kashi Tashi Me Nandayla, Sweetu requests Mohit not to inform anyone about her and Omkar’s relationship in the office as no one knows anything about them. Mohit agrees to her with a condition. Sweetu introduces Mohit to everyone. Mohit then deliberately asks Sweetu to introduce him to Omkar. But when Sweetu does not respond, he introduces himself and Sweetu to Omkar. Everyone tells Mohit about being unaware of Sweetu’s marriage to which Mohit replies that he thought Sweetu might have told everyone about it.

While talking to the office staff Mohit taunts Omkar and Sweetu. He also appreciates Sweetu in front of everyone to grab Omkar’s attention. When Sweetu goes to Maithili’s cabin, Mohit follows her. Omkar tries to stop him, but he enters her cabin while the meeting is going on. Maithili gets enraged since she is unaware of who Mohit is. Sweetu then informs Maithili that Mohit is her husband. In the meantime, Mohit kneels in front of everyone and presents Sweetu with a bouquet of flowers.

Following this, Mohit questions Sweetu about not informing anyone about her marriage at the office. Mohit then informs Maithili about their one-month anniversary and asks her to let Sweetu leave the office early as he has arranged a wonderful date with her. Maithili gets happy after hearing this and asks Sweetu to take a day off to celebrate her one-month anniversary. Sweetu refuses due to a meeting. But Maithili assures her that she and Omkar will manage the meeting. When Mohit takes Sweetu with him, Omkar’s reaction baffles Maithili.

Meanwhile, Malvika arrives at Nalu’s place and has a word regarding Mohit and Sweetu with her. She tells her that Mohit and Sweetu are just pretending to be happy. Moreover, she expresses her concern for Omkar. Malvika then informs Nalu about Sweetu and Mohit’s marital life, expressing her concern for Sweetu. Nalu gets shocked after hearing Malavika’s words.

Next, Sweetu seeks an explanation from Mohit for faking their relationship in front of everyone. Mohit then assures her that he is not faking anything he truly wants to celebrate their anniversary. When Nalu calls Sweetu, she apologises to her for sending the tiffin with Omkar. A concerned Nalu questions Sweetu about her and Mohit’s relationship and makes her understand. Later, Nalu asks Sweetu to spend time with Mohit on their special day. Lastly, Sweetu realises Nalu’s concern and thinks about it.

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