How Do Women Become Churails In The Eyes Of Society ?

ZEE5’s new show Churails not only answers the question but is also sure to blow your mind! It shows you how it’s ok to #BeAChurail


August 8, 2020


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Women were always portrayed to be someone’s wife or daughter, working at home all day long serving their family. This outlook has now been put to the test as more and more women are coming out to express what they desire from their life. They’re brave enough to exercise their right to work outside for themselves and not just succumb to the traditional role of a housewife. This change has been scrutinized and judged in every way possible, from people revolting against it to fighting for it. But what about the women who are the victims caught in the crossfire? Based on situations like this, ZEE5 brings to you a new show that will blow your mind. These women have been called Churails, but are they one?

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Women in general only wish for the right to take their own life decisions. But these women are cat-called and humiliated for this choice. A female who decides to work outside her home is accused of spending too much time outside and not dedicating enough time for her husband, kids, and in-laws. She’s a workaholic, even when she manages the house and her work, and her husband is the one spending all of his time in his office, disregarding her and the family. A young girl who’s working to grow in her career and make a name for herself is pushed to concentrate on getting married and starting a family of her own, without even asking for her opinion. They’re called “Churails” because they want to make their own life choices, work and start a career instead of a family. 

Times are changing now since women have realized their strength. They do what their heart wants, and wear what they feel comfortable in. The society is still finding it difficult to accept this reality. They act out in the worst ways possible seeing girls in western outfits and accuse the girl herself of ‘asking for it’, to justify their foul behaviour. Workaholics or not, asking for it or not, women have now understood the world will try to pull them down in any way possible, without trying to acknowledge or respect what kind of a person they are. It doesn’t matter anymore. They are all set to break taboos and societal notions for themselves. ZEE5‘s new show focuses on all these and more with their upcoming show “Churails“. A brave new show where the females aren’t afraid of breaking stereotypes or even bones, to stand for what’s right. They aren’t afraid to say #MainChurailHoon! If they’re called the Churails then they’ll surely be it, for all the wrongdoers in the society.

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