Valentine’s Day Spl: 6 Times When Karan-Preeta Hugged Each Other And Made Us Cry

To celebrate this Valentine’s Day #AtrangiLove, let’s check out Kundali Bhagya’s Karan and Preeta most adorable scenes when they hugged it out!

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February 8, 2021


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When Zee TV’s hit show Kunali Bhagya first started, and the leads, Karan Luthra and Preeta Arora met for the first time, we did not think they would grow to love and respect each other so ferociously! What started off as enemies and then went to frenemies, turned into lovers so beautifully that Karan and Preeta’s jodi has been loved so much by fans! Let us take you through some of the nicest Karan and Preeta moments – their warm hugs throughout the show that will seriously make you miss your partner and your #AtrangiLove.

When they begin their friendship

The duo begins their friendship when they get together and try to find out the person who Sherlyn is having an affair with. To investigate this, Karan and Preeta decide to go to Sherlyn’s house while she is at the Luthra mansion for a function. When they get there they realise that they will not be able to open the lock with Karan’s hairpin idea and get into a fight. Then Preeta pushes Karan and he ends up moving a flowerpot and a key is spotted. The two are ecstatic and hug each other in a moment of happiness! It’s one of their first hugs and its adorable.

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When Karan gets out of jail for the second time

Karan is locked up and his family is petrified. Preeta is extremely worried and is in tears. When Karan is let out, Preeta and Karan are diving back home when Karan asks her why she’s so quiet. Preeta asks him to stop the car and gets off. She begins to yell at Karan and tells him how irresponsible he was and how much his family and she had to go through to get him out. Angry tears flow out of Preeta’s eyes and Karan does not know how to make her stop so he hugs her. It is an emotional moment for the two and they both realise how much they care for each other.

When Karan saves Preeta’s life

Preeta is at the Luthra mansion and bends over to look at someone on the floor when she is almost stabbed by Sanju! Karan stops this at the last second and Preeta is in complete shock. He hits Sanju on the head and subdues him for some time and Preeta rushes to him. Tears begin to flow from her eyes and she hugs Karan while she cries.

When Karan gets emotional because of Preeta

Who would have thought that a day would come when Karan Luthra would get emotional and hug Preeta? Well, it happened! When Karan sees how much Preeta cares for him and how genuinely she makes efforts to clear his name and tries to get information out of Monisha, he makes Preeta stop and gives her a hug, to express his gratitude. Of course, Preeta finds this very cute!

When Preeta comes back with a head injury

Preeta is hurt and just wants to see Karan. The Luthras ask her many questions but she does not budge and runs to Karan and hugs him immediately. She is sad that she is late and could not do anything to help Rishabh. She cries in Karan’s arms and it is quite a sad scene!

When Karan consoles a crying Preeta in the hospital

After a shootout in the jewellery store, Janaki aunty is left with big wounds and a critical condition. Everyone rushes her to the hospital and Preeta goes to the reception to fill some forms. She is barely holding it together when Karan goes to check on her. She begins to blame Karan and then herself for Janaki aunty’s condition and Karan stops speaking and just holds her to give her some comfort and calm her down.

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