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Valentine’s Day Spl: 8 Special Moments Between Abhi And Pragya That Show They Are Made For Each Other

Aditi Sharma

February 12, 2021

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On Valentine’s Day, witness some of the most adorable and romantic scenes between Abhi and Pragya which show their #AtrangiLove

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and showering lots of kisses on your partner. Talking about love, one couple from Zee TV shows that’s always on our mind is, of course, Kumkum Bhagya’s Abhi and Pragya. They have always proved that love is forever. Whether they be together or not, they have always had each other’s back. So on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, here’s taking a look at some romantic moments between Abhi and Pragya. 

Abhi and Pragya miss each other

When Abhi and Pragya decided to stay away from each other, Pragya shifted to Abhi’s city as she wanted to see her daughter. One day, when Pragya met Abhi’s Dadi in a temple, she insisted on her meeting Abhi. However, Pragya left while Abhi failed to chase her. Later when they reached home, they both get sad and start crying as they realise how much they miss each other. Though they promised not to see each other ever, they wanted to be together forever.

Pragya gets emotional after seeing Abhi injured

When Abhi and Pragya met after 20 years, it was at a construction site and Abhi gets injured after a stone falls on him. Pragya is obviously shocked after witnessing his injury and leans over him as more stones start falling.  Pragya then carries Abhi and takes him to the hospital.

Abhi misses Pragya’s love

Abhi gets drunk reminiscing memories about Pragya. When he gets drunk, he sees Pragya sitting next to him and tells her that he misses her the most. He also mentions that he has been suffering since she left and wants her back.

Abhi brings flowers for Pragya

When Pragya came to Mumbai after 20 years, one day she meets Abhi in a bar. She takes Abhi home while Abhi comes close to her in the car. The next day, Abhi comes to the same place where Pragya took him in the drunken state. He comes with flowers and thinks that no matter how hard Pragya will try, he will chase his love. Though he couldn’t meet her, he leaves the flowers at her doorstep. When she sees the bouquet later, she understands it is from him.

Abhi remembers Pragya on Karvachauth

On the occasion of Karvachauth, Abhi remembers Pragya. He thinks about all the good times he had spent with her and gets upset. He even destroys the decoration in anger as he cannot be with Pragya on this special occasion.

Abhi and Pragya meet after 20 years

Fans of Kumkum Bhagya were delighted to finally see Abhi and Pragya meet after 20 years. Though at a construction site, it was a happy reunion and the duo was elated. The love in their eyes was visible and it was certainly one of the best moments on the show.

Abhi and Pragya feel each other’s presence

There was a time when he missed her so much! During one of the episodes, Abhi gets heavily drunk and start shouting Pragya’s name. Pragya, who’s at her place gets a feeling that he’s calling her name and she could feel his presence.

Abhi expresses his feelings to Pragya

In the recent storyline, Abhi gets married to Pragya instead of Meera. Abhi holds Pragya close to her and explains that he loves her a lot. He also tells her how he will think twice before giving up his life as his life is sitting right in front of him. Romantic, eh?

For more such cute videos and moments between Pragya and Abhi, check out this link.

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