Times When Star Kids Got Into Controversies Proving Anything They Do Can Make Headlines

Aryan Khan’s arrest is all over the media, and while there is a huge debate about whether he was framed because he is a star kid, there are other star kids who got into controversies for the silliest reasons


October 7, 2021


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We have heard in the news about star kids and are well aware this isn’t the first time star kids have been in the news for the wrong reasons like drugs, unlawful things, physical assault, etc. Here are stars who might not have done a crime but were in the news for different controversies–

1. Ibrahim Ali Khan

Being the son of a royal family and a Bollywood star, Ibrahim has found himself in the center of controversies time and again. At one time, Ibrahim Ali Khan set the internet buzzing as mentioned by his father, Saif Ali Khan, on Instagram. Ibrahim claimed that his father, Saif, was finally on social media, but his father denied it and said he was not a social mmedia member. Trolls and the media quickly commented that Ibraham might have made the statement in a drunk state.

2. Shraddha Kapoor

Actor Shakti Kapoor’s daughter, Shraddha Kapoor was badly trolled and called names for ignoring beggars on the streets. Shraddha was passing by paparazzi, and people were swarming in for pictures with the star; she obliged politely, but when the beggar asked for a handshake, she ignored it. Shraddha was called a privileged, proud woman for her behavior, and that made headlines!

3. Tiger Shroff

Tiger Shroff, son of actor Jackie Shroff, had made a very offensive joke during his debut film press conference. A media person asked Tiger about his marriage plans. To which Tiger answered about wanting to marry a village woman or an illiterate woman. Someone who’d massage his back and cook him warm meals when he returned home from work. Some feminists called him a misogynistic man and didn’t take the joke well.

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These Star Kids were roped into a meaningless controversy. As they say, it’s not always easy being famous.

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