This Viral Video Of A Leopard Being Surprised By Another Leopard Is Hilarious

A video of two leopards and their unique friendship is going viral on the internet. See the video here.

Rohan Patil

November 23, 2020

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Internet is a place where one is bound to get surprised at every refresh of the page. Several videos of animals go viral on the internet where the actions of these animals leave one surprised. Recently one such video has been doing the rounds on the internet. In the video, the friendship of two leopards can be seen in an unexpected way. For all the people who are curious to know about the viral leopard video, here is a look at it.

The video is going viral because of the unique bond between the two leopards. A leopard is seen drinking water in the forest while another leopard comes sneaking from behind. The second leopard scares the one drinking water leaving him surprised. As a leopard comes from behind and scaress him, the leopard drinking water leaps high in the air before running away from there. This shocking video has been captured in a night vision camera. The viral video gives a glimpse of the fun that wild animals like leopard have in the forest. Here is a look at the viral video of the two creatures.

See the video here

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The video has been shared by an Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan. He captioned the video as, “This is what they do in night in forest. Cats captured by camera trap. #AfricanWonders”. The Internet had a good laugh as the video was retweeted around 350 times on Twitter. Till now the video is liked by more than 4700 people. With around 76,000 views in just two days, the video is surely being enjoyed all over social media. Several users shared the video on their social media handle and shared their responses on it.

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Some users reacted by laughing on the video while some pointed out that leopards, who are wild cats react the same way like pet cats when they are scared. Some of the users also shared GIFs to mention the similarities between a house cat and leopard. One of the users praised the video and wrote, “too good a capture” with laughing emojis. While another commented by saying, “Ohh…All cats are similar. Absolutely similar reactions are observed when the pet cat reacts.” Here is a look at some of the replies on the viral video of the leopard.

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