This Is How Sara Ali Khan Who Went From Fat To Fit; Her Pics Will Leave You Stunned

We’ve heard of Bollywood celebrities being fit all the time and putting their health first. Though it seems effortless, it is not. Watch how Sara Ali Khan did it.


September 26, 2021


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We have seen Bollywood celebrities putting on weight for a role. Bhumi Pednekar and Kangana Ranaut were recently seen doing it. But have you heard of an actress who had to lose weight to become an actress?

Yes, Sara Ali Khan looks spotless now but did you know that her weight-loss journey was the hardest? Here is exactly why losing pounds was the hardest for our beautiful actress.

Before Sara Ali Khan debuted in Bollywood or even thought about acting, she was a whopping 96 kgs. She revealed that when she was a student in New York, she used to have a junk diet of Pizza, Chocolates and ice cream. She also revealed that she suffers from PCOS on a popular chat show, which makes it hard to lose weight. Sara also shared a percept from her time at her University where she is seen on a plane, being overweight and sitting on a stone.

Sara revealed that when her mother failed to recognise her at the airport due to her weight gain, that’s when she decided on her journey. She knew her hormones were at an all time high, her body had all those unhealthy fats but still chose to lose it. She took a year and a half to lose all that weight. She was a regular girl when she lived here. There was a photo of her from her Father Saif Aki Khan’s wedding where she can be seen looking like a normal girl with a healthy body.

Sara does pilates to improve her flexibility and says it’s her favourite form of exercise. She also practices yoga and goes to the gym, where she focuses on cardio and weight training. She follows a high protein diet and says it’s the diet that works for her since the PCOS makes her lethargic and needs to work on shoots. Here is a picture of her doing pilates at home.

Sara Ali Khan is an inspiration for all of us. So who wanted some encouragement?

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