The Kapil Sharma Show: Actress Ayesha Jhulka Reveals How She Was Asked To Put Soda On Her Face By Akshay Kumar

Actress Ayesha Jhulka will be marking her presence on the next episode of the Kapil Sharma show. The actress reveals funny and intricate details about advice given to her by her then co-star Akshay Kumar


October 14, 2021

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The Kapil Sharma show is your one stop destination for anyone who wants to have a hearty laugh and even know interesting details about the vintage Bollywood industry be it the shooting style or advices given by co-stars on set. Actress Ayesha Jhulka recently opened up about the hilarious advice given to her then co-star Akshay Kumar.

Ayesha and Akshay have shared screen space in films like Waqt Hamara Hai, Jai Kishen and Dil Ki Baazi, with the most prominent one being Khiladi. While sharing an incident from shooting the song “Dekha Teri Mast Nigahon Mein” from Khiladi (1992), Ayesha said that Chinni Prakash was a tough taskmaster and did not give any relaxation to her even if it was her double shift.

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Ayesha shared that she was most scared of working with Chinni Prakash. She’s done the maximum films with him. She had to keep switching between her make-up inside a car for both the films because she always got late to reach Chandivali. This happened for 8-9 days. Both Chinni ji and Akshay told her to take soda, milk and soft drinks as that’ll help her stay wide awake for the shooting at night. They said Ayesha should put soda on her face, and also let it go into her eyes! Her co-stars and choreographers gave her such advices which she followed diligently.

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Bollywood produced several amazing movies in 1990s. Actress Ayesha Jhulka is known for her performance in many romantic and coming-of-age movies in the 90s era. She is known for her dedication and hard work to give the best in every movie. After she talked about the time when she was working without taking rest for eight days straight and the advices given to her, we can just imagine the fun time they had off-screen and the bonding they shared with their co-stars.

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