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Surviving Valentine’s Day: 5 Types Of Breakups Everyone Goes Through

Jessica David

February 2, 2021

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Parting ways and saying goodbye is never easy. Let’s see how Veer-Sameera of Broken But Beautiful or Sumer-Tanie of Never Kiss Your Best Friend did it

ZEE5 Original series Never Kiss Your Best Friend and Broken But Beautiful Season 2 take you on the journey of love, heartbreak, reunion and everything in between. Most significantly it also portrays breakups in relationships in their own unique way! Based on Sumrit Shahi’s novel, the couple Sumer Singh Dhillon and Tanie Brar go through a friend-zoned breakup whereas Veer and Sameera go through an intense and emotional reunion. Breakups are always tough and “we need to talk” is the red-alert! Read the different kinds of breakup that one goes through and what comes with each:

1. The breakup to patch-up

Sometimes you break up just to realize that you never stopped loving your partner. All the drama and pain were universe’s conspiracy to reunite you, just like Veer and Sameera from ZEE5 and ALTBalaji Original Broken But Beautiful Season 2 got back together in love. And then, you end up patching up with stronger love this time.

Watch the promo of Broken But Beautiful 2 here:

2. The best friend breakup

As they say, it’s true; a girl and boy can never be just best friends. Eventually, you realize you can’t love each other but you can’t lose each other either. That’s when you promise that you will be “best friends” even after you break up, like Tanie and Sumer. Do they really keep that promise though? Watch all episodes of ZEE5 Original web series Never Kiss Your Best Friend to know.

3. The middle finger substitute

Juggling in a love-hate relationship with your partner, you don’t really know how to have “the talk”. Your middle finger comes to your rescue, just like Sumer and Tanie from Never Kiss Your Best Friend indulge into a series of middle fingers to each other. That sure could be a substitute for a breakup!

4. The ‘It’s me, not you!’

When it’s not really working out, but you don’t have one solid reason to point out, you kindly resort to the above phrase. Dare not say it the other way around! It could mess you up more than even the breakup.

5. The ‘Did it really happen?’

Your breakup was so chill that you question yourself whether it really happened. If you or your partner find yourself in such a place, it’s both good and bad. Talk to each other and figure out how you feel. Maybe you’re better off as friends.

Have you ever had a breakup? What type of breakup was it? Share with us in the comments box below.

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