Pookalam Varavayi: Jishin Mohan could be the most fun person to have on set, here’s proof

Have a peek at Jishin Mohan’s social media and see for yourself why we think he is one of the most fun people on the sets.

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February 11, 2021


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Ashokan from Pookalam Varavayi is a troubled character but Jishin Mohan, who portrays the character, seems like a fun person to be around. Unlike his serious and intricate character who goes through some of the toughest tests in life, Jishin is always cheerful. Let’s have a look at Jishin’s Instagram which proves that he could be the most fun person on the sets of the show.

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BTS clips and bits

We love watching our favourite actors have a fun time on sets as it directly reflects on their performances. It is safe to say that Jishin’s fans are always content as his updates keep them in his loop of happiness. The actor uploads some of the best moments off-screen, sometimes even leaving the fans amazed by how much fun the crew has together.


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A post shared by Jishin Mohan (@jishinmohan_s_k)

Instagram reels

Everyone loves a good reel and Jishin is an expert at it. He loves creating small clips, often lip-syncing to some of the funniest movie dialogues. However, fans love the reels in which other characters from the show also feature, as it adds to the fun. One of his reels in which he was seen acting out a romantic song sequence with fellow actress Arathy, who plays Sapthathi in the show, garnered over 2 lakh views.


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A post shared by Jishin Mohan (@jishinmohan_s_k)

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Hidden talents

A good person brings out the best in others, and this was proven as Jishin brought out the singer in Manisha, who plays Saudamini, to the world. His followers took to the comments section to register their surprise over how good a singer his fellow actress is.


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A post shared by Jishin Mohan (@jishinmohan_s_k)

Spilling the beans

Jishin doesn’t miss out on any opportunity to have fun and he proved it yet again as he clicked and uploaded an embarrassing photo of his fellow actor sleeping while leaning against the tree. Under the picture, Jishin mockingly wrote, “here’s to leaning against a tree. Isaac Newton. While sleeping like this, Newton regained consciousness after the apple fell on his head. Hopefully a mango doesn’t fall and lose this guy’s consciousness.”


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A post shared by Jishin Mohan (@jishinmohan_s_k)

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