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Police conducted raid at actor Naga Shaurya’s farm house, find out why


November 2, 2021

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Police raided actor Naga Shaurya’s farm house on Sunday during a party and arrested 20 people for gambling. As per reports, the police officials received information regarding a poker party at Shaurya’s farm house and accordingly conducted raids

A raid was conducted on 31st of October in the evening by Andhra Pradesh police, at Telugu lead star Naga Shaurya’s farm house in Hyderabad. According to reports, police have arrested around 25 people on the charge of gambling and have also detained 20 other prominent people of the society. The farmhouse is located on the outskirts of the city at Manchirevula, Outer Ring Road, Hyderabad.

According to sources, police at the farmhouse found people playing poker & gambling card games. There were swipe card machines found lying on the table along with two casino boxes. The detainees are said to have been carrying 25lakh rupees cash along with them. The Police have also recovered 33 mobile phones and 3 cars and have also seized the mobile phone of one of the detainees to recover chats and voice call recordings related to the matter. Naga Shaurya has not reacted to the event yet but it is expected that police will reach him out for furthering the investigation.

The investigation of the matter is reported to be in progress, where the detainees have been sent to remand, as per courts orders. The police have arrested Suman Chowdhary , who was allegedly the organiser of the party taking place at the farm house and is considered to be close friends with the actor Naga Shaurya. Now police are probing the possibility of direct involvement of Naga with this activity of gambling that has been taking place at his farmhouse. There are also rumours of involvement of Naga’s uncle Bujji in the case. According to the reports, the farmhouse belongs to an ex-IAS officer who has leased it to Naga Shaurya for six months.

Naga Shaurya was last seen in the lead role in the romantic comedy ‘Varudu Kaavalenu’ that was released last Friday and is garnering a positive reaction from the public and making a good collection at the box office.

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