Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath 25 October 2021 Written Update: Ghartonde gets irked

Ghartonde inquires about the files with Shefali. He chastises her more and instructs her to carefully arrange all of the files and deliver them to him. On seeing too many files on the desk, Ghartonde gets irked.


October 26, 2021

Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaathi

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3 min


In the previous episode of Mazhi Tuzhi Reshimgaath, while Neha evades Pari’s question, Kaku reasons with her. Paranjape shares his new ploy with Neha’s sister-in-law. At the office, Shefali, through a game, finds Yash and Neha’s love percentage.

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