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Love is in the ear! Romantic tracks by Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal and others for your Valentine’s Day playlist

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

February 3, 2021

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Wondering what to add to your Valentine’s Day 2021 playlist? We already have a few love songs shortlisted for you here!

It feels like 2021 just started and Valentine’s Day is right around the corner already. Although we should express our love and spend quality time with our significant others all the time, a special day for doing just that sounds really nice. Given the significant role of songs in our lives, we decided to shortlist some of the most beautiful romantic songs you could enjoy with or dedicate to your partner, this V-day.

1. Jaya Tomari

Jaya Tomari is from the 2017 sports-drama film Chaamp and it stars Dev and Rukmini Maitra. It is an adorable love song that revolves around the time when the protagonists of the film first fall in love with each other. It showcases the cute initial days of a new romance when couples usually can’t get enough of each other.

Watch the music video of Jaya Tomari here:

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2. Bhalobasa Jaak

Starring Koel Mallick and Dev, Bhalobasa Jaak is a beautiful song from the popular 2017 adventure-drama film Cockpit. The song is sung by eminent singers Arijit Singh and Somlata. It has a beautiful tune to it that anyone would catch onto after a listen or two.

Watch the music video of Bhalobasa Jaak here:

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3. Oh Baby

Along with a few other prominent actors, Dev and Puja Banerjee star in this fun and upbeat romantic song. An extremely catchy number, Oh Baby is sung by Armaan Malik & Nikhita Gandhi.

Watch the music video of Oh Baby here:

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4. Chhoya Chhuyi

The song Chhoya Chhuyi is sung by Armaan Malik & Debanjali B Joshi. The music video features actors Hiran and Ishani Ghosh who are seen romancing at some of the most iconic locations. It is a delight to watch the music video as well as to listen to it.

Watch the music video of Chhoya Chhuyi here:

5. Tumi Chara

Popular Bengali actors Soham and Arunima are seen romancing at exceptionally scenic places in the music video of Tumi Chara. The song is sung by Arnab Dutta and has some of the most soothing tunes, perfect for a romantic number.

Watch the music video of Tumi Chara here:

6. Tui Chunli Jakhan

Tui Chunli Jakhan is a sweet and fun love song that features Riddhi Sen and Surangana Bandopadhyay. It is sung by eminent singers Arijit Singh & Shreya Ghoshal. It is simply another absolute delight to the ears.

Watch the music video of Tui Chunli Jakhan here:

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