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Kundali Bhagya Valentine’s Day Spl: 8 Times When Karan Was All Goofy And Did The Most Lovely Things For Preeta

Vatsal Thakore

February 12, 2021

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Karan and Preeta’s #AtrangiLove story has some really beautiful and some really goofy moments of love. Here are eight of those clips, for all your lovey-dovey feels.

Karan and Preeta from Kundali Bhagya have become one of the most loved couples of Indian television. Their #AtrangiLove story, their romantic moments and their funny little scenes of messing with each other have made everyone fall for their pair and chemistry. Let’s celebrate this Valentine’s day by watching this adorable couple’s scenes where Karan did something goofy and loving for Preeta.

Watch a clip from the upcoming episode of Kundali Bhagya here:

Karan pretending being hurt

Karan may not always express his love in the conventional ways but he does get jealous when Preeta gets attention from other guys. The same thing happened when Preeta was once talking to Shiv. Out of jealousy, Karan pretended being hurt to send Shiv away and be with Preeta.


Karan pretending to like Mahira

This is from the earlier days of the show when Karan and Preeta were with different people but still loved each other. They have loved each other always, and in those moments, they also shared some goofy moments of jealousy. One of these moments is when Preeta annoys Karan by telling him that she is happy being with someone else. In annoyance, to annoy Preeta back, he pretends to like Mahira.


Karan expresses his feelings in a drunken state

This is also from earlier days. Once when Karan drank too much, he almost fell unconscious and Preeta freaked out seeing this. Karan, at that moment, pulled her closer and expressed how much he missed her.

Karan giving Preeta a head massage

Once Preeta was unwell after she had kept the Karwa Chauth fast for Karan, praying for his long life. Due to weakness and headache, she wanted to rest. Initially, Karan got upset because of her condition but then proceeded to give her a head massage, which really surprised Preeta and made the viewers’ hearts melt.

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Karan brings flowers for Preeta

To express his immeasurable love for Preeta, Karan once bought a big bunch of flowers, a teddy, and a heart-shaped balloon for her. Being of the soft heart that he is, he says that he bought it from a florist because the florist needed money. But like Preeta, we all know Karan, and why he really brought all those gifts – to show his love and appreciation for Preeta.


Karan hugs Preeta

Also from earlier days of their love, this is when Karan was facing false allegations against him. Once Preeta was assured that he would be proven innocent, she got all excited and began sharing her happiness with Karan. Karan, deep in love with Preeta, hugged her and thanked her later.


Karan’s adorable condition for Preeta

Once, when Karan had locked Preeta out of the house because there were thieves inside, Preeta kept begging him to let her in. Taking advantage of the situation, Karan put a condition for her – to make a heart with her hands and compliment Karan.


Karan praises Preeta

Also from their earlier days, this is when Karan was still very awkward in expressing his love for Preeta. When they had all dressed up for an event, Karan, in a very Bollywood and Shah Rukh Khan-ish manner, stopped Preeta and pulled her close. The way he did this with utter confidence made us wonder if he’d express his love finally. But his one compliment for Preeta made him fumble and he couldn’t say anything further.

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Watch their love story continue in Kundali Bhagya on Zee TV and ZEE5.

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