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Kundali Bhagya 18 November 2022 Written Update: Preeta feels that something bad is going to happen


November 23, 2022

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Preeta notices a few incidents of bad omens and feels that something wrong is going to happen. To know what happens next, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Preeta offers to take Dadi to the temple to make her feel better. Outside the temple, Preeta hits someone’s car with her car. Preeta and Arjun fail to see each other there but they start reminiscing about each other. Amidst the prayers, Arjun turns around and sees Preeta is there with Dadi. He walks out of the temple to avoid talking to her. He keeps fighting with his conscience as he does not understand why he feels for Preeta despite her wrongdoings. Snigdha’s grandmother calls Arjun inside the temple, but he refuses to come inside. Dadi overhears her and warns Arjun to come inside. At the Luthra Mansion, Rakhi tells Mahesh that she feels like performing a puja and making donations to help Rishabh and Preeta get blessings. At a business meeting with Shekhar, Rishabh gets upset with Anjali for her comments. He leaves the meeting explaining that it was unprofessional of Arjun as he did not inform that he won’t be attending the meeting.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Arjun gets annoyed to learn from Dadi that Preeta had hit his car. However, Dadi and Preeta act tough and ask him to send the bill for his car repair. Snigdha’s grandmother notices their behaviour with Arjun but does not respond. Arjun lets them drive away and Preeta inadvertently hits his car again. Dadi asks him to send the bill for his dent as well. Arjun and Snigdha’s grandmother keep bearing all this but do not argue with them.

In the meeting room, Anjali taunts Rishabh that nobody wants to talk to his wife Preeta. Rishabh warns her that she should have personal discussions outside the meeting room. Anjali refuses to back down and keeps saying that he and Preeta have hurt Arjun despite his attempts to please them. She mentions that Arjun had even risked his life to help them but they handed over a restraining order in return. Rishabh asks him to stop getting personal and tries hard to leave. Shekhar tries to pacify them but he blames Shekhar and tells him how he could have handled it better.

Rishabh tells Anjali that he has nothing against her and tries to leave. However, Anjali lashes out at him again, which angers him. Rishabh apologises to everyone but not her and leaves. Shekhar’s subordinate tells him that all of this has happened because of Arjun and Preeta. At the Luthra Mansion, Srishti feels nice that Rakhi has called a pundit for preparations of puja as she cares about Preeta. Preeta gets busy with prepping up Kavya to go to sleep and keeps calling Rishabh. She notices another bad omen and feels that something wrong is going to happen. On the way, Rishabh sees Anjali struggling with her car and offer to drop her home. However, her behaviour appears a little strange to Rishabh.

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