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Kundali Bhagya 09 March 2023 Written Update: A man disguised as a doctor abducts Preeta


March 15, 2023

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Preeta tries to get to her babies, but a man abducts her when she steps out of her room. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Anjali, in a patient’s uniform, drives a car and arrives at her farmhouse with Karan’s child. She calls Sudha, who soon comes in a nurse’s uniform. Anjali offers her INR 25,000 in exchange for looking after the child. Nidhi comes there and tries to take the child back. However, Anjali retaliates in an unexpected manner. Anjali even pulls out a gun and holds her at gunpoint. She asks Nidhi to bring Karan there and ask him to marry her if he wants to see his child safe. Nidhi returns to the hospital to inform everyone about Anjali’s wrongdoings. Rakhi falls weak again and says that Preeta was right when she wanted to check on her babies. At her behest, Karan and Anjali drive to the farmhouse to confront Anjali. Priyanka arrives at the farmhouse and congratulates Anjali for her victory. Sameer and Srishti follow Karan’s car.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Karan along with Nidhi drives to Anjali’s farmhouse at Rakhi’s behest. Sameer and Srishti follow them to be of some help. On the way, Anjali video calls Nidhi and Karan asks her to answer the call. Karan talks to Anjali and threatens to return his child to him. Anjali mocks him and asks him to come there soon to discuss her demands. She makes fun of Nidhi as she finally gets Karan to the farmhouse. Anjali shows him the nurse that she has arranged to look after his child. Karan apologises to Anjali for losing cool and begs her to be good to his child.

After the call, Karan tells Nidhi that he will kill Anjali the moment he sees her. Srishti scolds Sameer for being unable to keep up with the speed of Karan’s car. Sameer manages to chase Karan, which helps Srishti be at peace. Rakhi argues with the Luthras over the fact that she needs to rest. She asks them to leave her alone but Mahesh and Rishabh refuse to leave. Rakhi apologises to Dadi and Kareena for not obeying them and leaves her bed to go and check on Preeta. Rakhi goes to Preeta’s room in the hospital and talks to an unconscious Preeta about the child. She explains how they learned about the matter and have sent Karan to bring the child back.

Preeta, in a semi-conscious state, starts asking for her child. The doctors come there to assure Rakhi that Preeta will get better in some time. Nidhi stops Karan’s car to tell him that they need to involve the police as Anjali has lost her mind completely. Karan sees Srishti and Sameer arrive there and scolds them for following them. Anjali calls Karan and tells him that she is aware of their plan. She threatens Karan to leave with his child if they call the police. Preeta regains consciousness and steps out of her room to get to her babies but a man disguised as a doctor renders her unconscious to abduct her. Karan, Nidhi, Srishti and Sameer arrive at the farmhouse but Anjali is not there. Nidhi suggests Karan that someone is helping Anjali in all this.

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