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Kundali Bhagya 03 February 2023 Written Update: Arjun is speechless when Preeta calls him Karan


February 8, 2023

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Arjun stops beating a goon and remains speechless as Preeta calls him Karan in front of Rishabh. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Rakhi brings Preeta to the mandap for her marriage to Arjun. Rishabh fails to stop himself from saying that Preeta is looking very beautiful. Anjali gets hopeful that Rishabh will stop the marriage. Rishabh holds Preeta’s hand and tells everyone that she and Rakhi mean the world to him. Rakhi feels proud of Rishabh when he says that he believes that Rakhi’s decision is right if she wants Arjun to marry Preeta. He says that believes in Preeta’s decision too. Arjun gets up and takes Preeta to the mandap. Prithvi arrives outside the Luthra Mansion with Shambhu and his recruits. They attack the security guards and enter the Luthra Mansion to loot the Luthras. Dadi slaps Prithvi and argues with Shambhu over their actions. Prithvi, wearing a mask, announces their motive to everyone. Shambhu’s recruits decide to collect the jewellery and valuables from everyone. Rishabh tries to stop them by warning them about pressing an emergency switch.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Prithvi along with Shambhu and his recruits arrive at the Luthra Mansion to loot everyone. Arjun and Preeta’s marriage is halted because of their gunshot. Sameer starts fighting with a masked Shambhu. Soon, Arjun and Rishabh start fighting them too. Rakhi picks up a coconut and hits a masked Prithvi on the head with it. However, Mahesh, Dadi and Kareena take Rakhi to a room to hide from the goons.

Rakhi fights with Mahesh for forcing her to hide in a room as everyone is fighting the goons. Mahesh tries to reason with Rakhi, who asks Dadi and Kareena to talk to Mahesh. Two goons chase Preeta and Anjali, who lock themselves in a room. Meanwhile, Rakhi and Mahesh step out of the room and run into other family members. Srishti takes all of them to hide in a room from the goons. The goons manage to break into Preeta’s room and hold her and Anjali at gunpoint. Preeta manages to escape them and questions Anjali’s intentions.

Arjun blurts out something about Srishti that raises everyone’s eyebrows. He steps out of the room to avoid being exposed and Rishabh goes out too. Prithvi holds Kritika at gunpoint and the other goons get more hostages to the living room. Arjun scolds Anjali for not saving Preeta in a fight with the goon. Srishti eavesdrops on Arjun and learns that he loves Preeta despite the fact that Anjali professed her love to him. Rishabh tries to embrace Arjun after he saves him from a fall, but Arjun tries to avoid it. Suddenly, a goon tries to attack Preeta, but Rishabh and Arjun rush to save her. Arjun is stunned when Preeta addresses him as Karan as he beats the goon for his actions.

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