Kundali Bhagya 01 April 2021 Written Update: A comatose Mahesh’s recovery gladdens the Luthras

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March 31, 2021


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In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, Srishti arrives at the Luthra House for the Holi party. Srishti gets some pouches of bhang and suggests Preeta to feed it to Prithvi. Preeta refrains from doing so, but Srishti explains how it can help them make Prithvi confess his crime. Sameer arrives there and smears colour on Srishti. Sherlyn gets upset with a girl when she says that her belly is bulging out. Srishti takes a glass of thandai from a man and offers it to Prithvi after adding bhang to it. Sherlyn makes an excuse and gives the glass to Kritika. Srishti gives Sameer a slight push, which makes Kritika drop the glass on floor. Prithvi leaves from there to clean his shoes and Sameer follows him. Meanwhile, Hemant gets upset with Aastha for not defending his mother when others pointed out at her shortcomings. Aastha escorts him to a washroom and learns about Sameer, Srishti and Preeta’s plan against Prithvi. Aastha misunderstands them and later foils their plan to feed Prithvi a strong dose of bhang in a thandai. Preeta explains the reason behind their actions to Aastha. After realising about Preeta, Sameer and Srishti’s care for Kritika, Aastha offers to support them in their plan. Surprisingly, Karan arrives there and Aastha asks him if he will support Preeta in her plan. Aastha suggests Karan to challenge Prithvi for a bhang drinking competition and they all agree to it. Later, Karan sits on a table and others challenge Prithvi. Unaware of their intentions, Prithvi takes up the challenge. Srishti suggests everyone to do this in the guest room.

Watch what will happen next on Kundali Bhagya:

In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, Suresh and Dadi sit next to a comatose Mahesh while a doctor gives treatment to him. Dadi asks Suresh to go and play Holi with Pammi, but he insists to wait with Suresh. Suddenly, Mahesh opens his eyes and calls Dadi. Suresh and Dadi feel pleasantly surprised to see this. Coincidentally, Sherlyn arrives outside the room and gets shocked to learn about this. Suresh tells Sherlyn about it and goes to bring other family members. Dadi phones Rakhi and informs her about Mahesh’s recovery. Sherlyn begins to look for Prithvi. Meanwhile, Preeta talks to Aastha, who shares that she is an English literature professor and has two children. Aastha tells Preeta how responsibilities made her life difficult and drove her away from Hemant. Preeta asks her if she is happy with her married life. Aastha shares that their daily life is going well, but the understanding and love has vanished with time. Suddenly, Preeta sees Kareena and Kritika looking for Prithvi. Aastha tells Preeta to go to the guest room to check on Prithvi and others there. Aastha goes to Kareena and Kritika and pretends a foot sprain to distract them.  Prithvi welcomes Preeta in the guest room and Karan tells him to begin the bhang drinking competition. Karan tells him the rules but Prithvi disagrees to it. Prithvi records everything on his phone by keeping it near their table.

Sherlyn eagerly looks for Prithvi and runs into Mahira in the corridor. Sherlyn tells about Mahesh to Mahira, who frets getting exposed if Mahesh’s testifies against them. Meanwhile, Srishti and Preeta lace Prithvi’s thandai with bhang. Prithvi gets intoxicated due to overdose of bhang and feels that he has won the challenge against Karan. Prithvi goes to the washroom to freshen up and Suresh arrives there to take everyone to Mahesh’s room. Rakhi and Kareena get emotional to see Mahesh’s recovery. Suresh brings everyone to Mahesh’s room and Karan gives him a warm welcome. Mahesh feels surprised to see everyone so happy for him. He assures everyone that he was sick just for a night and he will be fine now. Karan reveals to Mahesh that he has come out of a coma. Mahesh sees Preeta and asks Rakhi if she is married. Rakhi tells him that she has gotten married to Karan, which gladdens Mahesh. Kareena gets shocked when Mahesh asks if Sameer and Srishti have gotten married too. Karan tells Mahesh that Rishabh has gone out for some business trip. Sameer and Karan cuddle Mahesh and Srishti takes their pictures. Kareena gets emotional to see this and Suresh expresses his happiness to Pammi. Sherlyn and Mahira find an intoxicated Prithvi in the guest room of the Luthra House. Sherlyn tells Prithvi about Mahesh’s recovery and struggles to bring him back to his senses. Prithvi says that Mahira had pushed Mahesh and he can definitely not recover after that. Surprisingly, Aastha arrives there and stops Mahira from giving Prithvi an injection. An upset Sherlyn drags Aastha out of the room.

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